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Pipe Plugs & Caps: Vital Pipe Protection Products


Many successful oil and gas companies have learned to rely on high-quality pipe protection products like pipe plugs and caps needed for transporting and storing drill pipe. Why? Because, most pipe used in the oil and gas industry is made of carbon steel, an iron alloy containing a small percentage of carbon for added strength and resistance to corrosion. Yet, even this very strong and durable metal is not completely impervious to damage, and exposure to corrosive substances can weaken a pipe and lead to a dangerous leak. Thus, the need for pipe plugs and caps.

Benefits of Pipe Protectors

When pipe is being stored or transported, their open ends are vulnerable to damage as threads can pick up dirt and grit from the road or a job site. In addition, corrosive substances can enter the pipe, and threads can also be damaged from contact with other pipes. Pipe caps and plugs are the best kinds of drill pipe protection products available to effectively seal pipe that’s not in use. Plugs and caps are corrosion-resistant, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different tubular pipe needs.

Types of Plugs

Ribbed plugs can fit a wide variety of sizes, making them one of the most versatile pipe protection products. Threaded plugs can be matched to the pipe thread, ensuring an exact fit and perfect seal. Other types of plugs are made to fit pipe that will be welded, and plugs are sized to cover the affected area. Sucker rods use plugs that fit more deeply inside the end of the pipe, and include a protruding end designed to absorb shock.

Caps Vs. Plugs

A pipe cap is another type of pipe protector that fits over the end of pipe thread rather than being inserted into it. A popular type of pipe cap is made of stretchable vinyl, which can provide as much coverage as needed. This type of cap is also quite cost effective compared to plastic pipe caps. Moreover, plastic caps offer UV protection, and tend to last longer due to their tensile strength that makes them resistant to heat and other harsh conditions. Caps are also better for protecting pipe with beveled ends.

Protecting pipe ends is key when it comes to preventing oil leaks, and is thus an essential safety measure. To explore a wide range of pipe plugs and caps, as well as other pipe protection products for oil country tubular goods, contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies at 877-276-9208 today.

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