Pipe Protection & API Membership: Vital to Oil & Gas


The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the oil and gas industry’s main trade association and, as such, it represents over 625 members, some of which are in pipe protection services, and are from across the various petroleum sector. Its work draws on the expertise and experience of members like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies to support a viable gas and oil industry.

Once again, MSI is proud to help sponsor and attend the API 2017 Exploration & Production Winter Standards Meeting. This year’s winter conference is being held on Monday, January 16th – Friday, January 20th, at the J.W. Marriott in Austin, Texas. MSI is excited about what the future holds for the industry. In the sections below, readers can learn what API is, what the organization does, and why membership is so beneficial to the Institute and its member companies alike.

The Benefits of an API Membership

Because its work is driven by the efforts of its members, API offers pipe protection companies of all sizes the change to participate in the creation of policy priorities and programs. As a primary research institute, API has committed itself to using the best economic, scientific and legal analyses to support, shape, and guide its policy positions.

API: Giving the Oil & Gas Industry the Voice of Unity

The experts at API continually and actively participate in the most important policy-making sessions, work to facilitate dialogue between the industry and the government, and offer effective solutions to issues that affect everyone. When a company that makes oil country tubular goods is recognized by API, that means the firm has committed to the highest manufacturing standards and ethics.

Who Can Become an API Member?

API membership is accessible to companies involved in or supporting the gas and oil industries. The American Petroleum Institute’s bylaws state that any company incorporated in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada and meeting an industry segment’s criteria can be admitted. That means companies like MSI, which makes pipe protectors for the oil and gas industry, play a critical role in shaping oil and natural gas policies for now and for the future.

While pipe protection may seem like an insignificant part of the gas and oil sector, companies like MSI play a crucial role in shaping industry and governmental policy. With a membership in API, gas and oil supply companies can uphold the industry’s highest standards while helping to keep it alive and thriving for the next generation of producers.

For more information about API and future conferences, visit Moreover, if you’re looking for the highest quality of oil country tubular goods and pipe protection products, contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies today at 281-890-4595.

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