Pipe Protection: New Or Recycled?


If you have been shopping around for pipe protection products you know these products are an investment in your business.  When pipe is damaged,it can lead to projects being delayed or canceled as well as the potential for injuries to the people on the ground managing the project.  Protection products will help to ensure that your tubulars are properly stored, transported, and handled as safely as possible when in use.   You may have seen a variety of options for purchasing the protection you need, including different products, materials, and even products that have been recycled.  Yet, in most instances, new pipe protection is best.

Quality Control

custom thread protection

MSI always recommends new pipe protection because we can guarantee quality control.  When sourcing and applying any sort of protection, you want to be sure that a product is going to perform the same way, again and again.  The only way to ensure quality control like this is to ensure that every part is made according to the same standards and using the same processes.  Performance can be impacted after protection products are used, making new a better all-around option.

Protection History

The danger of recycled products is not knowing how they have been handled or how long they have been used in the past.  Were they subjected to temperatures outside of the manufactured temperature rating?  Were they dropped or subjected to brutal impacts?  Unfortunately, most recycled products are simply cleaned and visually inspected making them a potential culprit for unseen damages. Using these products on your pipe not only poses a risk to your valuable assets, but can certainly sideline a project if such damage should occur. While recycled parts can seem more cost-effective in the moment, not knowing the product history can become a liability.  While there may be occassional exceptions, utilizing new parts simply makes more sense because you have assurances about the integrity of the item.

Quality Matters

At MSI, we believe that quality is imperative to the success of any product that we well.  Pipe and people are your two biggest assets, and purchasing protection products that are made of the highest quality materials and are in new condition simply makes for a good business decision.  It can be tempting to cut corners and save money, but safety, efficiency, and reliability are important and can only come from the highest quality products with a manufacturing and quality assurance history that you know. 

MSI is proud to offer the most innovative and wide range of pipe protection products on the market. 

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