Pipe Protection and Proper Storage for OCTG Investments


For both offshore rigs and oilfields, one of the biggest expenses remains the OCTG equipment. This is because operators need tons of pipe to make up the bulk of a well’s infrastructure. Whether it’s for a new well completion, or improving the yield and lifecycle of an existing one, the tubes, casings, and pipes require adequate pipe protection during handling and storage.

Steel piping systems remain prone to mechanical failure if not properly stored. Furthermore, couplings or joints using threaded connections also require additional protection. A failure during any part of the production cycle can lead to expensive repairs and delays for a well. In the worst cases, a faulty section of your OCTG equipment can even destroy a productive well.

Proper Handling and Storage of OCTG

During handling and storage of the drill pipes, casing, and tubing, you’ll need to avoid surface-to-surface contact at all times. Any contact between pipes or casing can lead to corrosion long before the sections reach the rig. Not only can unsecured sections lead to structural damage, but it also poses a health and safety risk to employees and staff.

Storage and Handling Protection Systems

Offshore and onshore baskets require structural support to ensure the bundle of casing and tubing do not collapse during transport to the rig. A suitable handling system should handle the total weight of your load to ensure stability and separation during handling. With Rhino Tubular Handling Systems, you can prevent metal-to-metal contact for all your tubing, casing, and drill pipes. The system provides for easy stacking and securing of the sections while allowing high-density storage of your OCTG.

Threaded Pipe Protection Systems

For sections that require a threaded connection, you need to protect against both corrosion and mechanical damage during handling. These sections usually operate under extreme torque and axial loading, meaning any damage to the connectors or couplings could lead to catastrophic failures. MSI  Pipe Protection Technologies’ range of thread protectors provide for easy installation and removal and protects the entire threaded portion against the elements.

Lifting Bails and Handling Accessories

When it comes to running production strings in or out of a wellbore, the tools used during the lifting and transport can create damage to the sections. With a proper handling and lifting system, the integrity of the entire production string remains protected during the installation or removal of each section. We provide steel systems with precision-machined threaded sections to secure the section during handling.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies for OCTG Components

At MSI, we manufacture all our protection equipment according to the highest standards. In addition, we ensure your OCTG investments remain productive for the entire lifecycle of the rig. We provide both standardized API sizes and can produce any custom protection equipment according to your needs.

For a quote or more information regarding the protection of your drill pipes, tubes, or casings, contact us at 1-877-276-9208.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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