Pipe Protection Technologies Application: The Water Well Industry


The water well industry and water supplies are vital to the smooth functioning of any city and setting up a reliable pipe system utilizing the most advanced pipe protection technologies is vital.

As a result, this industry has spent millions of dollars to protect their pipes to prevent pipeline failure. Advances in pipe protection products are led by MSI Pipe Protection Technologies – now answering the call for help from and meeting the need of the water well industry on a global scale.

In order to protect their inventory and raw material, most water drilling companies now use steel pipes that are protected with corrosion resistant coatings. However, other companies may use PVC pipes to pump water over shorter distances. PVC pipes installed in bore wells or underground wells will have to conform to IS 12818: 2010 specifications. These pipes may also be backed up with casing pipes made from stronger materials.

As the pipes come in close contact with water, water drilling companies may also line the pipe interior with anti-mold coatings to ensure water safety. Modern pipe protection technologies ensure that the best pipe protection products are used to ensure water safety by preventing rusting, weathering, chemical reactions and odor problems. More than 90% of the water supply piping is now made from corrosion coated steel or coated PVC to ensure water safety.

Choosing the right pipe protection technologies and pipe protection products can make the basic difference for each of these industries and most companies hire professional piping specialists to set up their transport pipeline. The professionals at MSI Pipe Protection technologies will analyze your transportation needs and then use the latest piping technology and the highest quality pipe protection products to ensure a viable pipeline.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is now providing the highest quality line of pipe protection products to the water well industry.

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