How Pipe Protection Is Used in the Mining Industry


When the average reader tries to picture a mine, several anachronistic images typically come to mind, and pipe protection isn’t one of them. Old mine carts and miners covered in dust are just two of them. Today’s mines offer more protections to their workers and make much better use of advanced technology. Piping carries water for power equipment, air for adequate ventilation, and slurry for back-fill support.

Companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, have a working knowledge of the mining industry and understand that drill pipe protection and other protective products are essential for keeping any mine both safe and operational.

Of course, the piping designed for use in mines is made to last. However, that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible, as conditions during transportation, installation, and regular use can be quite harsh. The pipes that carry slurry through the mines are often required to withstand highly corrosive environments and are placed under a large amount of stress.

Thread Protectors

During transportation, one of the most vulnerable areas of any pipe is its threaded end. This is why thread pipe protection was invented. Thread protectors can be installed carefully prior to shipping, or moving expensive pipe, to prevent any accidental impact from causing damage. It’s always best for mining industry companies to take advantage of this technology, as even the slightest damage to thread can cause serious malfunctions and even mining disasters.

Pipe Chocks

In addition to protecting the comparatively fragile threaded ends of these pipe during transportation, they must also be handled and secured carefully. Pipe covered in oil or other mining residues can be extremely slippery, so it is important to take adequate precautions during transport. This is where pipe chocks come into play. Typically fabricated from either plastic or resin, these products are designed to prevent damaging and even dangerous product losses.

Drill Pipe Protectors

When it comes to drill pipe protection, heavy duty construction is essential. Unlike the products discussed above, these pipe protectors are designed to cover the entire seal area and thread form on both internal and external threads. They are made specifically with drill pipes in mind, which is why they are made to last.

There are many mining applications that require extreme precision. Providing adequate protection for each component part is just one element of ensuring these needs are met. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been vital to the mining industry and will continue to provide quality products and services.

At MSI, we produce a vast range of products designed with pipe protection in mind. As a leader who sets the industry standard, we also consistently provide insights and education concerning safety standards and best installation and storage practices. Contact us at 281-890-4595.

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