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Pipe Thread Protection: What Do I Need?


When you handle tubular products, you know how important they are to the overall success of your business, so it makes sense to use pipe thread protection at all times.  When you shop for pipe protection products you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products, leaving you unsure of what products are best suited to your specific needs. At MSI Pipe Protection we want all of our current and prospective customers to easily hone in on the products that best suit their needs.



In Yard Pipe Protection

MSI realizes that every customer has unique needs, and some needs are more “light duty” than others. Even in your own yard you still need protection from the elements and protection while being transported. MSI has developed the Tector™ line of products to deliver high-quality, light-duty, affordably priced pipe protection. The Tector product line comes in a variety of standard API sizes and thread connections for your convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects threads from the elements
  • Suitable for short-term storage needs
  • Light-duty plastic composition
  • Available in both open and closed-end designs
  • Offered in most API applications

Tector Applications

  • Tubing: ¾” -4 ½ NUE and EUE
  • Casing: 4 ½ -13 3/8”
  • All API thread types

Domestic Use & Truck Transport Pipe Protection

Transporting your tubular assets requires protection, even when you are transporting by truck. Pipe can be damaged during transport and handling, so you must choose products that offer the level of protection for your specific needs. At MSI, we realize that those who are transporting domestically have unique needs and that is why we have developed the Titan™ and Magnum™ product lines.

The Titan line of products has been developed with transportation and rough weather conditions in mind. Unlike the Tector product line, the Titan products are heavy-duty, offering the best value for increased protection with your budget in mind.

The Titan products are our first level in heavy-duty thread protection. They offer unmatched endurance when transported by truck and are a sensible option for long-term storage. Titan offers a precise fit, ensuring your threads are safeguarded from corrosion and the elements.

pipe thread protector
Figure 2: Shop the Titan Product Line

Titan Applications

  • Tubing:2-3/8 -3½ EUE (NUE pins only)
  • Text Box: Figure 2: Shop the Titan Product LineCasing: 4 ½ -13 3/8”

Features and Benefits

  • Provides heavy-duty protection
  • Suitable for long-term storage needs
  • Ideal for non-extreme transportation
  • Available in closed-end liftable and non-liftable designs
  • Offered in most API applications
  • 100% recyclable

The Magnum product line also offers heavy-duty thread protection and impact resistance. Like the Titan products, the Magnum is perfect for heavy-duty thread protection. Magnum thread protectors are a great option when you don’t need thread protection with all the bells and whistles but need to protect your threads during truck transport and harsh conditions often found in the oil and gas environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for robust thread protection with all pipe grades
  • Offers impact protection and sealing abilities for long-term storage and handling
  • 100% plastic: more lightweight than composite or all steel
  • Reduces installation fatigue and freight expenses
  • Casing sizes offered in recessed liftable and non-liftable designs

Magnum Applications

  • Tubing: 2-3/8” – 3 ½ (NUE only); 4 ½ (EUE only)
  • Casing: 4 1/2 -13 3/8”; All API thread connections

Domestic Rail Car Transport Pipe Protection

In many instances, the most efficient way to send pipe and other assets to a worksite is by rail car.  This type of transport necessitates more protection for your assets as the conditions can be quite rough during transport, offloading, and use. MSI offers several solutions for this level of pipe protection.

Our Ultra™ product line offers the ultimate level of protection. These thread protectors feature CNC machined threads to ensure an exact fit.  Each protector is skillfully crafted to reach the greatest level of precision as this reduces the opportunity for corrosion and eliminates the chance for disconnection during storage or handling. Ultra thread protectors are formulated from all plastic proprietary resins and can be tailored to your specific thread connection needs, making them an ideal solution for most premium thread connections currently on the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for premium threads
  • CNC cut threads for precision fit
  • Closed-end non-liftable, and liftable and designs for easy handling
  • Manufactured according to API 5CT, Annex-I, 10th edition specification
  • Suitable for all types of handling or loading including truck, rail, and offshore transport
  • Designed for extreme weather conditions; tested from -50°F to 150°F
  • Fully plastic
  • 100% recyclable

Ultra Applications

  • Tubing: 2-3/8” through 4-1/2”
  • Casing: 4-1/2” through 11-7/8”

Not sure the Ultra product line offers the protection you need? Our MaxX™ product line offers unique heavy-duty protection that may better suit your needs.  The MaxX thread protection features an all-new plastic resin formulation and the use of rib and stiffener support elements, durable pads, and diaphragms. This product line has been designed to withstand any conditions seen in the oil and gas industry, including extreme temperatures and severe impacts.  MSI is confident that our MaxX products are the best on the market for both API compliance and full plastic protection.

If you need heavy-duty thread protection and the Ultra and MaxX product lines don’t seem quite right, we have another option.  The Mega™ thread protection line offers another layer of protection when compared to your traditional plastic thread protectors.  Mega thread protectors combine a proprietary blend of resin for superior corrosion resistance in addition to a steel shell for extreme impact resistance. To ensure a precision fit, MSI CNC cuts all Mega thread protectors to custom fit your connection.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for long-term thread protection
  • Heavy gauge steel provides rugged impact resistance
  • Closed-end liftable design for easy handling
  • Ideal for extreme weather conditions; tested from -50°F to 150°F
  • Manufactured according to API 5CT, Annex-I, 10th Edition specification
  • CNC precision cut thread

Mega Applications

  • Casing: 6-5/8″ through 20″
  • Ideal for large OD and offshore applications
  • Available in both API and Premium thread connections

Thread Protection for Offshore Transport by Ship

When you need to transport your tubular product to regions not accessible by rail or truck, transport by ship is your only option.  This often requires more planning, but it also requires heavy-duty pipe thread protection. Transport by ship is notoriously rough. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of products we have introduced previously?  The good news is that for transport by ship you can rely on all of the same heavy-duty options we introduced for transport by railcar:

Ultra™ Thread Protectors

MaxX™ Thread Protectors

Mega™ Thread Protectors

MSI Wants to be Your Pipe Thread Protection Supplier

MSI is proud to offer a wide selection of thread protection options. We believe we have options that will align with the needs of every customer and their specific needs. Not sure what product is best suited for your unique needs?  Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate level of protection.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

MSI is your partner in pipe protection.

We offer customized solutions, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. Call or email us today and see the difference.

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