Prevent Revenue Losses with Pipe End Protectors


Whether in storage or transport, pipe is susceptible to damage, especially without the use of pipe end protectors and other protective products. To control potential losses, it simply makes good business sense to provide adequate protection for pipe ends. At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we’ve developed a comprehensive line of pipe protection products to ensure your various kinds of pipe are protected. Regardless of a company’s specific need for pipe end protectors, we’ve got it.

Protecting Pipe Ends Matters

Regardless of company need and product application, the primary reason for pipe protection is to prevent revenue losses and save investments. Damaged pipe threads simply cannot function as needed. Furthermore, if damaged pipe were to be installed and used in operation, repairs could be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Not only does leakage result in significant penalties, it also creates environmental issues that must be addressed. Using simple pipe caps, pipe plugs, or thread protectors on the ends of pipe, generally eliminates the potential for leaks and other issues associated with pipe damage.

Selecting the Correct Type of Protection

Damage to pipe during storage is common, and using the proper types of protection will most often eliminate risks. Therefore, selecting the right kinds of pipe end protectors is essential.

    Types of pipe plugs commonly used are:
  • Ribbed Plugs- available in a variety of sizes, and used to protect standard NPT threaded products.
  • Butt Weld- these caps protect the machined ends of pipe to ensure they can be properly mated on a user’s site.
  • Threaded Caps- designed to provide greater protection for threaded pipe, whether in storage or transport.
  • Socket Weld- the ends of socket-type pipes must be protected if they are to properly fit during installation. Any damage will compromise the fit and create issues.
  • Sucker Rod Protectors- The Oil & Gas industry is especially cognizant of leakage issues at well sites, meaning sucker rod threads must be protected to guarantee an adequate seal.
  • At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we’re available to assist customers with finding the right kinds of pipe end protectors and other products needed to prevent revenue loss for your company. Contact us at 281-890-4595 today.

    MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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