How Protecting Drill Pipe Truly Saves Industry Revenue


Companies in the oil & gas industries require a great deal of drill pipe and other industrial equipment in order to run smoothly. When piping is not adequately maintained, business suffers due to downtime, product loss, and bad publicity. Moreover, workers, the public, and the environment could also potentially suffer from various safety hazards associated with unprotected pipe. These issues can be easily avoided by treating drill pipe to avoid corrosion and providing adequate protection during transit and storage.

Improved Efficiency

The technologies associated with drill pipe protection have been developing rapidly during recent years. That means older operations are much more likely to suffer from serious leaks and require extensive repairs. When old pipes must be repaired or decommissioned it can throw a serious wrench into the works, leading to lost time and revenue.

Increase Re-Cut Potential

Innovations in pipe re-cutting and refacing have led to improved efficiency in other ways as well, allowing an increased number of re-cuts for each pipe being used. Today, less material has to be cut and less time must be spent performing this work, which has extended the lifespan of pipe products. The amount of material that has to be removed from modern pipes during a re-cut is estimated to be as much as 1-1/4” less than its older, less efficient, equivalent.

Unfortunately, the process of removing and re-cutting pipes is still quite time-consuming. Some money has been saved through improved re-cutting technologies, but the best solution continues to be one in which the pipe remains undamaged during normal use.

The Importance of Pipe Protection

That’s where oilfield products such as pipe protectors come in. Through the consistent use of drill pipe protectors, companies can significantly decrease the chances of damage to fragile threaded pipe ends. Made of durable plastics, modern pipe end protectors are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and rough handling that could easily damage unprotected threaded pipes.

A Trusted Industry Specialist

It’s best to purchase products designed for oilfield drill pipe protection from a company that knows the industry inside and out. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has all the experience and know-how necessary to fabricate and distribute high-quality pipe protection products. As such, they have developed a well-deserved reputation for excellence among industry insiders. Call 1-877-276-9208 today for product information.

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