What Quality Means in OCTG Products


OCTG products must withstand grueling conditions to continue to protect pipe and drilling equipment; yet, quality is one of the most important considerations operators must make. The temperatures, corrosion, and pressure in wellbores take a significant toll on OCTGs, and if these pieces do not hold up, there can be severe consequences for workers and the local environment. There is an astronomical amount of monetary loss at stake in the oil and gas industry, and this is why the API (American Petroleum Institute) has outlined stringent specifications and standards. Read on to learn about what quality truly means when it comes to wisely investing in the best OCTG products.

Strength, Elasticity, and Flexibility

Oil country tubular goods must be strong, flexible, and elastic, as horizontal drilling has become a preferred method. Drill strings are bent over long distances at a rate of 10-15° for every 30 meters. After a 90° curve, oil country tubular goods must become straight once more. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ products are made to exacting standards for maximum elasticity, strength, and flexibility.

Safe Casings

The casings or outer tubes lining and stabilizing the wellbore must fulfill the industry’s strictest set of requirements. After casings are inserted into a wellbore, they’re pressure-tested for several minutes to ensure that no leaks are present. Buyers can be assured that quality OCTG products are tested and proven to be stable and safe.

Quality Threaded Connections

Threaded connectors link individual pipe into a continuous tubing string or casing. Therefore, it’s extremely important that they’re gas-tight, as well as pressure and strain-resistant. Connections must be as strong as the tubing itself, and when operators buy with quality in mind, that’s just what they get.

Protecting Drill Pipe

In the oil and gas industry, drill pipes turn drill bits, spreading drilling fluid throughout the pipe itself. The pipe must be strong and reliable enough to withstand high torque and internal pressure as drilling fluid is expelled. Furthermore, pipe has to endure axial tension while avoiding loads from other drilling sources. MSI’s OCTG products are designed to ensure that drill pipe threads and connections are protected and well-preserved at all times, so that operations can continue to run smoothly, safely, and effectively.

The Characteristics of High-Quality

Manufacturing of these seamless, high-strength pipe protectors doesn’t allow for the use of traditional thermomechanical welding methods. Rather, MSI uses specialized techniques and high-quality durable elements to manufacture products with an assured level of strength. The alloying process, along with proper heat treatment, improves OCTGs’ resistance to corrosion.

Why MSI Remains a Leader

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, it is our honor to continue to help meet the increasing demand for oil country tubular goods through successful manufacturing practices, compliance, quality assurance, production, and delivery. We’re happy to offer producers an extensive line of top-quality pipe protection and OCTG products.

What’s most important to us, is that we’ve remained committed to upholding API standards when it comes to manufacturing leading pipe protection products that not only protect oilfield, mining, and water resource equipment, but also protect your company’s bottom line, while also keeping workers and our environment safe.

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