Bumper Rings Reduce Pipe Damage


Millions of dollars are spent each year as companies within the oil industry increasingly become more proactive in protecting and monitoring pipelines once they have been installed. However, the integrity of the pipes used in constructing these pipelines need to be protected even before installation. Bumper rings play a tremendous role in protecting pipes against damage and corrosion, making these rings a worthwhile investment.

Why Use Bumper Rings

Active oil pipelines help to sustain the modern world in many ways but present several risks. Loose pipes therefore need to be properly secured during transportation and storage to ensure that stable pipelines are built from undamaged pipes. Properly securing pipes includes:

  • Loading pipes properly 
  • Having adequate space (since pipes need to be supported along their full length or reinforced where this is impossible)
  • Having suitable surfaces (flat, well supported and free of sharp objects)
  • Using the right tools (straps, bumper rings etc.)

Bumper rings are impact-resistant rings made from various compounds including Polyethylene and EVA blends. These rings range in sizes and are designed to prevent (or reduce) pipe-to-pipe contact during several phases of the pipe handling process (e.g. processing, moving, transportation and storage). More specifically, these rings are geared towards protecting high alloy and chrome tubular products.

Quality bumper rings are able to withstand an incredible amount of pressure thereby eliminating the negative impact businesses face when pipes are damaged due to constant or excessive contact with each other and other metal surfaces. As a result, these rings offer several primary and secondary benefits.

Primary Benefits of Bumper Rings

Bumper rings have the ability to directly impact product quality and cost savings because they:

  • Prevent damage caused by friction and constant contact
  • Help to reduce losses associated with pipe damage/corrosion 
  • Aid secure transportation

Secondary Benefits of Bumper Rings

As a secondary benefit, these rings may help:

  • Keep pipes better organized during transit and while in storage
  • Make stock count easier since pipes are properly arranged and visibly separated
  • Reduce movement/rolling should rings break free

In addition to all of this, bumper rings are reusable. Pipe protection is becoming increasing important as a primary part of pipe transportation and access to the top quality tools will pay dividends to any organizations in that trade.

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