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Drill pipe protection systems play an invaluable role in a wide variety of different industries. However, some of those who are responsible for protecting the equipment used by mining contractors, drilling companies, and other gas and oil industry professionals, may have yet to discover the importance of providing adequate protection for their investments. For companies still wondering why they should invest in high-quality and reliable pipe protection from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, now is the time to explore the many advantages of savings, supreme investment protection, environmental safety recognition, and ultimate peace of mind.

Protection During Transportation

Pipe is used for everything from oil and gas drilling operations to transporting water and even mineral concentrates. Constructing and maintaining these systems can be quite the complex process, so it can’t be overstated how important it is that all equipment arrives on time and in good condition. The use of drill pipe protection during transportation can prevent pipe and pipe-end damage from occurring due to shifting weight, inclement weather, and other factors.

Failing to provide pipe threads with adequate protection can lead to damaged and unusable products, which can lead to both monetary losses and lost time. Should the operators responsible for installing the equipment fail to notice any damage that has occurred during transit, it can also lead to dangerous equipment failures and safety hazards. Investing in thread protectors, bumper rings, and pipe chocks will dramatically improve the chances of all equipment arriving on time and in good condition.

Prolonging the Usefulness of Pipe

When drill pipe is not adequately protected during transportation and storage, their ends often become damaged from wear, overuse, or unexpected turbulence. Operators are then left with few options other than to re-cut or even replace the damaged pipe. It is much more cost effective to simply invest in and utilize pipe protectors throughout the process of transporting, storing, and laying down pipe, in order to prevent factors like corrosion, fatigue, and downhole wear from taking their unfortunate toll on products.

Using Stabbing Guides to Protect Thread

In addition to providing adequate drill pipe protection throughout the transportation process, by employing bumper rings, pipe chocks, and thread end protectors, operators can also use stabbing guides to properly align and connect pipe during make-up. These protective products ensure that the pipe’s threading is correctly aligned and that the box threads found between pipe segments are all adjusted properly. Guides can be custom-fabricated to fit any kind of pipe depending on its unique specifications.

Using stabbing guides throughout the installation process can help to ensure that the threading remains intact and usable. This helps to prevent the possibility of seal failure and the development of leaks, which can lead to lost profits over time due to the downtime required to re-cut or replace the damaged piping.

Preventing Freeze Damage

The potential for damage is not exclusive to transportation, storage, or application. Once pipe has been successfully laid, they still require a good deal of preventative maintenance in order to avoid costly damage and environmental disasters. Using a pipe freeze protection system can go a long way towards prolonging a pipe line’s expected lifespan, and preventing the possibility of damage in areas where fluids passing through the lines could reach temperatures below the freezing point.

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