Safety Concerns with Drill Pipe Thread Connections


When you are operating at a drilling site, your goal is for everything to move along smoothly, without any hiccups. You put trust in your equipment to get the job done, but you also want to ensure your equipment is safe and functioning at its best. Drill pipes, for example, play a key role in the success of any oil well operation. When their thread connections and drill strings remain secured and intact, they help operations run efficiently. Yet, to ensure safety, you will need the proper drill pipe thread protection for your equipment.

Damaged drill pipe strings and/or thread connections, however, can cost a lot to replace, as well as cost in time loss. Consequently, the risk of hiccups in any operation takes place when vital oilfield equipment doesn’t have proper protection. Furthermore, when workers experience exhaustion from pushing themselves too hard or being on the job too long, there is also the temptation to cut corners. For instance, they may overlook important safety details, like not thoroughly checking reused equipment or handling pipe that isn’t protected. These kinds of work habits take place in an effort to finish a job faster. Yet, we all know that safety cannot cut corners.

Below, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies provides simple information addressing safety concerns for drill pipe connections and maintaining thread integrity.

Steps to Making Security Your Top Priority

It should go without saying that safety should be your main priority when it comes to challenging working conditions. Unfortunately, in a ten-year period, over 1,000 deaths were reported in the oil and gas industry. The good news is, there is a way to help avoid accidents, loss of materials, and unfortunate fatalities. It involves our overall commitment to continuously take proper steps towards safer work practices for ourselves, as well as for maintaining the integrity of our equipment.

1.     Secure Connections

Drill pipe thread connections have to be strong enough to withstand numerous trials – different weights, twisting, turning, pressure, and so on. If these connections do not remain intact, the pipe will fail to operate to the full extent of its capabilities. Additionally, there are many different connection types, and only certain pairs work together well. Therefore, it is vital to never cut corners here and ensure that the connections are perfectly matched without substitutions.

2.     Routine Safety Checks BEFORE Use

Connections are not the only things that have to be secure. Operators should also check the drill pipe routinely before utilizing them; this helps prolong the life of the drill string. Without the proper protection on the outside of a drill pipe in the form of a center upset or thick pads, bedrock could wear away at your pipe and become detrimental to your work over time. Drill pipe threads also need to be reinforced, as, without some form of connection, the threads could be damaged in storage or transit.

3.     Checking Equipment AFTER Use

It is also imperative that you check your equipment after use. Any wear or tear could lead to long-lasting damage that could jeopardize your work. There should be no damage to the drill string or the drill pipe threads, lest you suffer substantial losses. Success hinges on fully-operational equipment performing as intended.

Choose Reliable Drill Pipe Protection

The right kind of protection is also important. Though it may seem irrelevant to some, the small act of investing is pipe protection can go a long way in preserving equipment, worksites, and lives. No one should forego safety in the name of savings. Contrarily, when you invest in reliable drill pipe protection that will ensure the entire intended lifespan and functionality of your equipment, you can only benefit.

At MSI, we specialize in thread protectors that are certain to keep your drill strings and threads safe from harm. We offer high-quality and durable protection in both plastic and steel designs for drill pipe threads. So, as you continue putting safety first, we will continue upholding our end of the deal by helping you deliver protected pipe, all day, every day.

For orders and information, contact one of our MSI services experts toll-free at 1-877-276-9208.

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

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