Setting the Standard in Pipe Protection


MSI Pipe Protection Technologies remains a standard leader in providing an all-inclusive line of pipe protection products. Oil and gas companies and customers from all around the world continue to trust and rely on these durable high-quality products. The hopeful end to the long hiatus of industry low prices and oil rig shut-downs may be soon approaching as crude prices are slowly rising and rig counts are trickling back up to acceptable economic levels.

This oil field industry resurgence may allow certain companies to re-examine their previous operational methodologies and institute improvements that simply couldn’t be addressed previously due to time constraints. Put another way, companies can now ramp back up and make investments that will promote profitable returns and increase business opportunities. MSI remains a great asset to many of these companies, providing them with various oil country tubular goods and pipe protection products that save time, money, and ultimately protect their bottom line.

During the crazy go-go bursts that often characterize the industry, some companies are often forced to use subpar products on drill sites simply because of economic constraints. However, despite the economic times and financial climate, MSI has been there with customers for nearly 40 years to weather every storm, while maintaining product integrity and service excellence.

MSI not only has the finest pipe and thread protection items on the market, but also continues to expand and grow their plant facility capacities to provide customers with the mission-critical thread protection products that will extend the life of all their drill stock. In addition, they have greatly enhanced their equipment to offer super precise thread mating, which allows products to be installed or removed faster, and with fewer delays for mis-threading, in even the most challenging environments.

With MSI’s focus on making every thread protector work on every type of pipe, every single time they are deployed or removed, the incremental savings in labor, combined with the assurance that there will be fewer costly drill stock failures and downtime, means that having the best pipe protection at any company’s disposal is simply invaluable.

For the best in pipe and thread protection products, contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies at (281) 890-4595.

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

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