Stabbing Guides & Oil Country Tubular Goods


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]All around the world, there is an upsurge in the exploration and drilling of oil and natural gases; which necessitates stabbing guides and the need for more types of oil country tubular goods products.

There are terms that are used in this industry that most people would not understand because they are technical parlance. Stabbing guides for people in the oil and gas business means something totally different than what comes to mind.

It denotes the connections that are made between two pipes with one being male and another female. Any rig deck that’s close to a drilling pipe will have these types of pipes. Another term that anyone in the oil and gas industry should be familiar with, is what is known as the stabbing guides.

Stabbing guides are manufactured using steel or urethane or great excellence in quality. The purpose of using stabbing guides is to ensure that the composition of pipe strings is correctly adjusted and in alignment. Stabbing guides make sure that the pin to box threads that are found between segments of pipes are coordinated.

Stabbing guides are used for the purposes of keeping away any form of deterioration in the pipes’ threading. Stabbing guides also ensure that there is no likelihood of a breakdown in connections between the pipes. There are different types of stabbing guides and they can be made to order so that they are suitable for different sizes of pipes. They are also designed for use in tubing, casing, and drilling operations.

The business of extracting oil and natural gases from the earth is quite demanding. This makes stabbing guides very essential investments. For this reason, there is a need for caution so that extra measures are taken to ensure definiteness in pipe connections. The pipes must always remain compact and correctly ordinate.

The Importance of Locating The Right Oil Country Tubular Goods

If you are in the oil and gasses industry, you know what oil country tubular goods are. The industry uses the acronym OCTG for the drilling pipes, the casings and the tubing that is used in onshore and offshore drilling. According to The American Petroleum Institute (API), there are ten grades for standardization specifications that are used for these products. Each and every company will have specific requirement for these goods. The seamless coiled piping’s that are used to extract oil and gas from the underground are very essential; thus, it is vital to get the right products. They can be categorized in three namely:

  • Drill pipes
  • Oil pipes, and
  • Pipe casings

To provide a guarantee for oil well integrity and alleviate any risks, it is essential to find the right piping, tubing, and casing. There is no better time to find oil country tubular goods than when the oil industry is facing a crisis. That’s because sellers are willing to work with a price that can keep their businesses afloat until boom time.

Since both high quality and lower quality products are heavily discounted, it beats logic to buy from the lower end. The narrowing of margins between higher end piping and cheaper piping is the best opportunity to modernize piping.

Categories of the Oil Country Tubular Goods Supplies

  • The drill pipe is the first category of OCTG goods supplies. The pipes are generally heavy, seamless and will circumvolve the drill bit to provide circulation of the drilling fluid.
  • The casing pipes are generally used for the purpose of aligning the hole.
  • Tubing is the piping system through which gas is extracted from the underground.

These goods are available in different designs and sizes. It is essential that they have the right metallurgic combination. There are specifications that are required for oil country tubular goods. They also must have specific dimensions and length and they must be supplied in terms of their categories as far as brand is concerned.

Why the Right Transportation of OCTG is Essential

After making purchases of Oil Country Tubular Goods, how do you transport them? Working with a company that is equipped with satellite technology is very essential. OCTG supplies are too precious and cannot be trusted to just anyone. You must always be aware of the movement of your OCTG products. Because the satellite technology is available today, it is possible to do exactly this.

Another crucial transportation requirement for OCTG supplies is to ensure that while they are on transit, they are not damaged. Real time OCTG visibility is essential but it is also essential to keep the supplies from getting damaged. Working with a company that has an integrated logistics and management of the goods is essential. You need a company that has sufficient acreage because the supplies might need to be laid down or stored. Your pipes must always be protected or you might have seepages and spills. You also do not want corrosion damage.

The Way Forward For OCTG Products

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) products are vital elements in the extraction of oil and gas from the earth. The relevant selection of these products will help decrease the possibilities of hazards, lessen risks and remain cost effective. These are products that are indispensable for the lifetime of oil and gas reservoirs. While there is a marked growth in the market for OCTG supplies, the tube market remains seasonal, and priority is shifting to sustainable energy- which is an alternative to oil and gas.

Growth and What It Means

Environmental safety is always a concern and this means that companies will begin to make a distinction by choosing superior products. The market is, however, experiencing growth due to an increase in the demand for oil and gas globally. With lots of funding going into research and development, there will be a continual increase in value for OCTG products.

This is why suppliers of oil country tubular goods products must position themselves strategically and provide superior products and services. Companies that want to remain competitive in oil and gas exploration must also invest in excellent quality (OCTG) products. This will give them an edge over their competitors. This is definitely the best time for expansion. Contact MSI for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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