Steel -VS- Plastic Drill Pipe Protectors


Regardless of the type of application, drill pipe protectors are vital when you’re drilling or extracting oil and gas out in the field. This is because you understand that your equipment is bound to be up against any number of harsh conditions when it’s put to work. In fact, the pipe involved in your daily operations are subjected to abuse from the moment the machining process is completed. Without the right measures in place, you’ll find that pipe threads succumb to wear and tear long before they should; however, these steel or plastic thread protectors are designed to help offset the damage.

Regardless of your specific industry, the most common options are steel and plastic drill pipe protectors with subtle differences. While the latter is available in both heavy-duty and lightweight options, the sturdier variety tends to hold up better in extreme circumstances. That being said, plastic thread protectors are not appropriate for all applications. In most cases, they should be reserved for the drill pipe used on rigs.

Plastic drill protectors provide coverage for both internal and external thread, no matter the grade of pipe in question. They keep threads and seals intact, ensuring that pipe always forms a solid and unwavering connection while in use. You’ll also find that they offer a financial savings, and prevent downtime by eliminating the need to continually replace pipe or have them re-threaded.

Steel protectors, on the other hand, are best suited to line pipe. Like their plastic counterparts, they help protect thread against rough handling and the elements, to guarantee your material flows smoothly, remains free of contamination, and isn’t lost to unexpected leaks. Though they’re made to stay securely in place, they can be easily removed as the need arises.

Each type of drill pipe protector offers its own set of benefits, primarily providing thread protection in any condition. Though both serve their purposes effectively, they’re not recommended for the same types of use. Either way, it’s important to be sure the protectors you choose conform to the specifications of your equipment. Aside from material, you also have your choice of API and Premium pipe protectors, depending on whether your equipment has single or double-shoulder connections. With the right ones in place, you’ll find your pipes serve your purposes well and last quite a bit longer.

For high-quality drill pipe protection, call MSI Pipe Protection Technologies today at 281-890-4595. We are always ready to assist customers with every need.

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