The Advantages to Using MSI’s Large Plastic Pipe Caps


When it comes to oil production, hardware protection is vital. Thankfully, MSI has several products that can help protect your pipes and preserve their usage. These include thread protection, lifting bail, pipe chocks, pipe storage, a stabbing guide, drill pipe protectors, and large plastic pipe caps.

Let’s look at four key advantages of using MSI’s equipment:

1. Protection

Utilizing MSI’s large plastic pipe caps offers a major benefit: long-term protection. Pipe caps protect the inside tubing as well as the pipe ends from moisture, rust, dust, other materials, and overall damage. They prevent other substances from entering a pipe and contaminating what is inside, which is very important in terms of maintaining oil production.  Furthermore, pipe caps protect from damage when they are exposed to wear and tear and extreme conditions, being transported from one facility to another, and while stored.

2. Flexibility and Longer Usage

Flexibility is another important benefit. Pipe caps and other pipe protection products allow for flexibility when using pipes during oil production and also allow pipes to be used for longer periods of time. They are UV-resistant and maintain good strength when exposed to various conditions.

3. Save Money

MSI saves you money

Using MSI’s large plastic pipe caps will keep your pipes in proper shape, prevent leakage and contamination, and help solve issues that are caused by improper pipe fittings. Because of these key uses, you won’t have to purchase new pipes as often. The caps will help preserve the life of your pipes, and when pipes last longer, you’ll save money. This will help your business earn more in the long term as well.

4. Easy to Install

Another advantage of using MSI’s large plastic pipe caps is their easy installation and removal. When you need to add pipe caps to your oil production pipes, you can rely on a quick installation process that your workers can do themselves.

With almost 125 oil rigs in operation in the Gulf of Mexico, you need to remain competitive. Using easy-to-install large plastic pipe caps that also offer protection, flexibility, long usage, and money savings will help your business in the long term.

To learn more about our large plastic pipe caps and how you can purchase them for your business.

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