The Big Deal About Plastic Thread Protectors


Most manufacturers or companies that use items like metal pipes, know that plastic thread protectors can be extremely helpful. But you may still be wondering why these thread protectors are so vital in the industry.

What Are Thread Protectors?

Thread protectors are built strong and used to protect pipe threads from damage and deterioration during transportation or storage. Thread protectors are made of either metal or durable plastic. Each material serves its unique function for certain kinds of pipes. The plastic is made from high quality and resistance plastic composites that help deflect all kinds of atmospheric elements. The plastic thread protectors made by MSI Pipe Protection Technologies are made from material that is 100 percent recyclable; therefore, they are eco-friendly and can also be re-used depending on the condition.

What Can Thread Protection Do For You?

Since there are several types of thread protectors available, you want to make sure that your selection is from quality materials, and that they effectively serve their purpose. Some companies offer thin, plastic protectors that lack durability due to impure plastic composites. Companies also offer metal protectors, which are durable, but are usually more expensive and can lead to corrosion of the threads if not properly handled and replaced when needed.

High-quality plastic can help block contaminants that might attack the pipe during transportation or storage. Contaminants can easily lead to issues like rust or other similar problems. Rust, as you know, can destroy the structure of the metal threads. Metal is also susceptible to varying weather conditions. Fortunately, plastic does not react as negatively to temperature changes since it is much more controlled. The formula used to make the plastic helps it self-manage its thermal expansion and contraction, which should help protect the integrity of pipes.

The big deal about this type of plastic protector is that it protects pipes from normal wear. Wear occurs at any given time due to handling or usage. The metal thread could lose its functionality prematurely. This functionality is of the utmost importance since pipe is one of the most expensive assets that the customer will need to protect. Loss of thread functionality can result in down time and further expenses.

Many materials, like oil, could seep through worn or corroded pipes that do not have adequate protection or grip. This could mean contamination to the floor and other areas. And you can also lose the substance flowing through the pipes, due to the pipes being weak and fragile. This means loss of money, time, and man power- just to mention a few possible problems that could arise from not using plastic protectors.

You should also take into account just how lightweight this particular type of plastic shield can be. The lightweight feature makes it very easy to install. This means the task will not take up too much of your worker’s time, which should boost productivity.

Ultimately, having quality thread protectors is very much a big deal when it comes to saving time, money, and your bottom line. In order to obtain the highest quality plastic thread protectors, you need only turn to MSI Pipe Protection Technologies.

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