The Importance Of Thread Protectors


It is both important and valuable to use a drill pipe protector when installing drill pipes, as the use of these simple protectors can save time, money and hassle on oil and gas industry jobs. Thread protectors protect the threads located at the end of drill pipes during storage or transportation. They keep them clean from debris, dust and vermin that turn up during transit and storage. They are typically made out of plastic and steel. The use of thread protectors greatly minimizes the incidence of downtime and delays at the installation site, and ensures that your operation is running smoothly and safely.

There are two basic types of drill pipe protectors: pin protectors and box protectors. Simply put, box protectors screw into the box, and pin protectors screw over the top of the pin. Four thread protectors manufacturers supply these products, and both the API and Premium line are carried by MSI. All of these products are known for their quality and durability and meet industry standards. They are all designed to hold up in extreme conditions.

In an industry where time and safety are of utmost importance, this simple little product can make the difference between success and failure. Purchase these today to avoid pitfalls and dangerous situations and to ensure that your job site offers a smooth and safe operation. Take a look at our high-quality drill pipe protectors.

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