Top Pipe Protection Products for Storage


MSI Pipe Protection Technologies understands that maintaining pipe during storage and transportation is a major concern in the oil and gas industry, as well as in many other industries that handle tubular pipe of various sizes. When pipe is damaged, it can develop leaks which create not only a lack of efficiency in the extraction and transportation of resources, but also a major environmental hazard. The following are some of the top pipe protection products designed to protect and maintain the integrity of pipe during storage, as well as in handling and transporting them.

Packaging Frames

Pipe packaging frames are key to storing and transporting pipe safely to an oilfield or drilling operation. They bundle pipe together for ease of transport, and they are constructed of steel beams that hold each pipe firmly in place. In addition, the frames are built to provide a tight fit so that there is no movement or friction while transporting the pipe. During storage, frames keep the pipe safely in place until they are ready to be handled and applied to operations.

Thread Protectors

Thread protectors are an important safety measure for pipe storage. They screw into the ends of each pipe, providing an air-tight and moisture-proof seal that keeps the pipe threads from corroding due to rough pipe handling or exposure to the elements. The threads at the end of a pipe are crucial for making secure connections between pipe during operations.

Bumper Rings

Another very effective pipe protection product offered from MSI is the bumper ring. Bumper rings fit snugly around a pipe, and they are usually used at multiple sites down the length of a pipe. The purpose of the rings is to provide a bumper wherever two pipes come into contact with each other, such as when they are being loaded into or unloaded from a storage rack. Bumper rings ultimately keep pipe from colliding and damaging another pipe.

Pipe Chocks

Chocks are small wedges made from high-quality durable materials, and they are placed on each side of a pipe to keep it snug and safe on storage racks that do not provide wedged slots for each pipe. At the same time, pipe chocks also keep pipe from rolling from side to side during transportation, as this could be extremely hazardous and detrimental should pipe not be secured in transit.

Get to Know MSI

MSI provides a wide range of products designed to protect pipe used in the gas and oil industry, mining industry, as well as public and private water municipalities. All of our products are purposely designed to maintain durability and reliability, as they are made according to the highest API Standards and Guidelines. We test our products’ resistance to UV radiation, vibration, high temperatures, and impact.

With the right tools in place, companies can remain confident that their workers, their products, and the communities where they operate maintain the standard regulations of safety and efficiency at all times. Connect with us for more information and for ordering high-quality pipe protection products. Call us toll-free at 877-276-9208, or request a quote online now.

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