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Although thread protection products come in simple in design, they are essential for businesses engaged in oil drilling operations, commercial mining, and many other endeavors. When choosing thread protection products, it is extremely important to consider the materials they are made of and purchase only from a well-established company.

Why Are Pipe Protectors So Important?

Although industrial piping is generally constructed of heavy-duty materials, the threaded ends can be quite fragile. When pipe is shipped or stored, they are in danger of being damaged due to friction and possible weathering depending on storage conditions. Should this occur, fractures and leaks often lead to dangerous situations; therefore, it’s best to exercise extreme care during pipe transport and storage. One of the best ways to ensure proper care of pipe is through the use of superior pipe protection goods.

What Kinds of Plastic Thread Protectors are Available?

Varied materials have different degrees of absorption and durability, so those responsible for purchasing pipe end protectors must choose wisely. MaxX™ and Ultra™ thread protectors are created from extremely durable plastics, which is ideal because they can withstand an immense amount of wear and tear. Composite plastic, hardened plastic, and polyurethane are all used extensively in the thread protection industry.

Composite, Hardened, and Polyurethane Plastics

The primary advantages of composite plastic are its strength and resistance to friction damage. Any pipe that is likely to be exposed to high-friction use should be protected using composite plastics.

Although hardened plastic is not as resilient as composite plastic, it is better at protecting pipe from damage due to blunt force. If pipes are likely to be stored in a hazardous location, or exposed to rough transit conditions, hardened plastic is the best material to apply.

As a polymer composite, polyurethane is extremely strong. It is also more heat resistant than the other plastics listed above. Should piping become exposed to extreme temperatures during any stage of transport, storage, or use, it’s best to use thread protection products fabricated from polyurethane.

A Company with Experience

Given the importance of maintaining the structural integrity of any equipment being used for mining, oil drilling, or well drilling, it’s easy to see why only an experienced company with the reputation and know-how of remaining an industry leader should be entrusted with producing protective products. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is a trusted name in the pipe protection industry with good reason.

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