Top Three Guidelines for Choosing a Pipe Protection Vendor


Pipe protection products are a necessary investment for any business that is looking to protect its most vital asset: pipe.  Yet, when it comes time to find a pipe protection vendor to purchase the pipe protection products your business needs, you may find that you have more choices than you anticipated.  How do you know which provider is the best fit for your specific needs?  Luckily, by following three simple tips, you can easily select the right source for all of your pipe protection needs.

#1: Access to the Parts You Need When You Need Them

This is a vital aspect of pipe protection procurement.  When shopping for a vendor, you must inquire about real-time access to parts.  Some important questions to ask may include:

  • Does the provider have stock of your most used products?
  • How long from the time an order is placed until it is shipped?
  • What are typical shipping times?
  • Will items ship from the same place each time I order?
  • Do you accept orders 24/7 or only during specific hours?

These questions will help you determine if the vendor can provide you not only with the parts that you need when you need them, but if the shipping time is acceptable, as well.  Having the answers to these questions ahead of time will also help you determine when you need to order products to ensure you always have access.

#2: Experience Matters: Choose an Industry Leader

While many newer companies are doing great business, when you want the best, you should work with the best.  Experience matters in pipe protection as there are so many variables at play.

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Figure 1: Learn more about picking a vendor

A good pipe protection company can carefully balance lead time, delivery, price, and quality.  This balance comes with experience.  Industry leaders are well known and respected for a reason: they deliver. Often you can get a good feel for the experience level of the vendor simply by contacting them and inquiring about the products that you need.  The response time, friendly and easy to understand communication, and willingness to help you place an order are important considerations with any vendor selection.

#3: Choose a Vendor that is Known for Both Quality and Integrity

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Figure 2: Learn How Trust Impacts Business

Choosing a pipe protection vendor is an important task.  It is not something that you want to rush into, rather, you will want to take some time to do research.  Consider how long vendors have been in business, look at their online ratings and reviews, and perhaps most importantly, talk to other people in the industry. Quality and integrity are buzz words that you will want to look for.

Taking the time to talk to others in the industry will give you honest feedback about the things that will affect you the most including but not limited to:

  • Cost of the products
  • Quality of the products
  • Quick access to the products you need
  • Reliable shipping times
  • Great communication from the vendor
  • Selection of pipe protection products

When you have some feedback from others in the industry, the next step should be to look at the catalog of goods and see if the product offering aligns with your needs.  Can you get everything you need from one vendor?  Do they offer the products that align with the standards in your region of the world?

Next, don’t hesitate to ask to meet with the vendor.  A great vendor will always be happy to meet with you, discuss your pipe protection needs, and introduce you to their product line.  Any vendor that is willing and happy to take the time to get to know you and bring you on as a client is one that you will want to consider for all of your pipe protection needs.

The Selection of the Right Pipe Protection Vendor

When you put the time and effort into selecting the right vendor for all of your pipe protection needs, whether you need thread protectors, lifting bails, tubular handling systems, stabbing guides, or others, you will find you can invest with confidence.  A bit of research going into investing in these products not only ensures that your pipe will likely be well protected moving forward, but you’ll have a rewarding business relationship you can rely on.

MSI Wants to Be Your Pipe Protection Provider

Ready to start investing in the protection that you need for your pipe? Pipe protection products come in many different varieties and models and we have an expansive product line that will likely fulfill all of your needs, allowing for a one-stop-shop solution.  Not sure where to start?  With more than 40 years in the industry, we would be happy to discuss your particular needs or you can take a look at our catalog.  Have questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact us today!  We look forward to working with you!

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

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