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Transporting Pipe & Tubular Goods Without Pipe Chocks


Did you know that pipe chocks are not a luxury product, but a necessity? They’re an essential product designed to keep pipe safe and secure during transportation and to help maintain their integrity during storage. They not only protect pipe and other tubular goods, but they also help protect everyone around oilfield equipment. Drill pipe, as well as other oil and mining products, must be carefully transported and stored at all times. Pipe chocks adequately ensure that your pipe remains safe to use whenever they’re needed. At the same time, don’t allow your company to learn about the various disadvantages of not utilizing them.

1. No Security and Stabilization During Transport

Pipes need to stay in place the entire time they’re being transported. When pipe chocks aren’t available to hold them in place, they’ll move and shift when your transport vehicle makes sudden sharp turns or comes to a sudden stop. Pipes can also bump into and collide with each other without the security of chocks to stabilize them in place. These types of movements will cause your entire load to shift, which can be incredibly dangerous.

2. Increased Liability Costs & Expenses

A shifting load can quickly cause a truck to roll over, resulting in an accident and endangering anyone on the road during that time. When your pipe load isn’t properly secured, there is risk of company liabilities and lawsuits caused by injuries, damages, and catastrophes. Ultimately, no company should take chances on transporting pipe without stable and secured chocks to safeguard everything and everyone.

3. Loss of Time

Even if there were no injuries accumulated during an accident, it’s still likely to be incredibly expensive for your company. Pipe damage and other damages will need to be either replaced or repaired. All of this can cause major delays and significant losses in time and finances. Moreover, these initial delays result in even further delays in production and operation times. These significant amounts of downtime also translate into losses in profits for your business.

4. No Protection During Storage and from Other Equipment

Pipe chocks also help stabilize pipes from damaging each other and other oilfield equipment when in transit and during storage. When pipes move even a little, tiny shifts can cause them to bump into each other. As such, pipes and other equipment that becomes damaged can lead to costly replacements and delays.

Ultimately, when chocks are properly used and in place, pipes are held in stable position throughout their transport, while being stored, as well as when they’re being dismantled for operational use. Chocks are easy to apply and dismantle and make handling pipe for use extremely convenient. The stabilization and security of pipe and other pipe protection products provided by chocks will prevent significant expenses for any company. Is that worth the investment? We believe you agree.

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Using high-quality pipe chocks from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is crucial to any drill pipe planning and operation. Pipe chocks are definitely well worth the investment due to their high safety, protective, and preventative features. Connect with MSI today for more information and for orders. As an added convenience, feel free to request a quote online or contact us at 1-877-276-9208.

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