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Ultra™ Thread Protection: The Benefits


Looking for thread protection that is a step above the standard offerings?  Premium thread protectors offer added protection. MSI is proud to offer our Ultrathread protection for your tubular assets while in storage, during transport, and handling.  The benefits associated with this level of protection make it a great option for many companies looking to step up their thread protection.

Ultra thread protection What is Ultra Thread Protection?

Our Ultra brand of premium thread protectors offers a new level of protection for your tubular products. These protectors feature CNC machined threads to ensure an exact fit.  Each protector is carefully programmed to acquire the greatest level of precision in its crafting.  This care in programming and exact fit works to reduce corrosion and eliminates the instance of disconnection of the protector during handling or storage.

Our Ultra brand protectors offer enhanced impact strength when compared to standard thread protectors.  Each premium protector is crafted from an all-plastic proprietary resin and will be tailored to your specific thread connection needs. This increased level of protection makes Ultrathread protectors a great solution for most thread connections on the market today.

Ultra Features and Benefits

The Ultra thread protectors line offers a variety of features and benefits that makes it ideal for most companies looking for premium thread protection.  These features and benefits include but may not be limited to:

  • CNC cut threads for precision fit
  • Closed-end non-liftable and liftable designs for easy handling
  • Manufactured to API 5CT, Annex-I, 10th edition specification
  • Well suited for all types of handling or loading including truck, rail, and offshore transport
  • Extreme weather tested from -50F to 150F
  • 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for tubing 2-3/8” through 4 1/2”
  • Suitable for casing 4 ½ inches through 11 7/8”

MSI Wants to Provide You with the Premium Thread Protection You Need

If you have determined that you need more than the standard thread protection, MSI would be proud to provide you with the next level of thread protection. Our Ultra brand is well suited to the needs of most.  You can learn more about this premium thread protection product in our product sheet. f you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

MSI is your partner in pipe protection.

We offer customized solutions, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. Call or email us today and see the difference.

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