Update on Cars That Run on Natural Gas


We’ve previously discussed the rise in demand for natural gas and natural gas vehicle technology. With gas prices either holding or rising, consumers and manufactures alike are searching for alternatives. As of late, this meant hybrid cars that run on battery and traditional gas technology or electric cars – like those made by Tesla – that run on coal-powered electricity. In addition to improved mileage, another benefit thought to be touted by these cars is lower emissions. But these aren’t the only two alternatives.

With natural gas companies already providing fuels for solid waste, trucking, and transit fleets, could the everyday passenger vehicle be powered with it? Cities and private companies are more and more realizing the benefits of natural gas and are moving their fleets to use this fuel. Even car manufacturers are experimenting with vehicles that run on natural gas.

The Future is Now:

• There are currently over 500 fueling stations in the United States and Canada that allow vehicles to fill their tanks with CNG (compressed natural gas) and/or LNG (liquefied natural gas) fuels.

• Diesel trains are rumored to be switching to natural gas.

• Cabs in San Francisco run on natural gas.

• Chevy has a model that runs on CNG.

• Ford is developing an F-150 that runs on natural gas.

What does this mean for the average person or company? It seems that natural gas will continue to be developed and tested and just might be what powers our vehicles in a few short years.

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