Uses And Benefits Of Lifting Bails


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Being in a successful business requires protecting your assets. This includes storing equipment safely, and ensuring their safe removal and transportation. If you are in the oil and gas industry, lifting bails provide an easy way to protect API threads during all three phases.

Why Use Lifting Bails

Also referred to as “lifting caps”, lifting bails can be used to lift drilling tools used for natural gas and petroleum. They are also used by persons in the areas of geographical exploration, and drilling engineering. These bails are used to lift:
– Tool joints
– Drill pipes
– Stabilizers
– Drill collars
– Subs
– Drill bits

They are used to protect threads as the items are being moved- from picking them up to load a truck, to transporting them to a new site and laying them down- and while they are in storage. They also aid in linking cables to the drilling tools.

Benefits of Using Them

Bails protect threads while drilling tools are being handled, which reduces the need (and cost) to replace these tools due to thread damage. They also make it easier to remove drilling tools from trucks or storage, lift them off the ground, and safely sit them down. Additionally, non-threaded or blank bails may be used to handle special tools or items without threading.

What to Consider When Buying

When buying bails, consider the use and extent to which they will be used. For example, it is critical to look at the dimensions and other specifications carefully. Key specifications include size, and whether you need a pin fit/protector (non-threaded), or box fit/protector (threaded). Also, depending on the environment, it may be best to buy assorted colors (e.g. using one color for a specific tool or area as a part of your safety or storage procedures).

When shopping for lifting bails, keep in mind that prices, construction material, and quality may vary. Pay keen attention to these to ensure you get maximum value for your investment. MSI Pipe Protection offers products that are tried, tested and true. Get our catalog for free to see all of the products we offer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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