Are You Using Top-Quality Thread Protectors?


Every oilfield operation knows how crucial it is to ensure perfect and proper tubing connections during the installation process.  The only way operators can experience this is when they don’t have damaged or imperfect pipe thread ends. MSI’s top-quality thread protectors will go to work for your operations to protect your pipe threads prior to use. Only the best thread protectors can maintain the integrity of your tubular ends during transport, storage, and handling. At MSI, we’re dedicated to safeguarding all your OCTG and oilfield equipment so that it’s ready to use when you need it.

Offering Plastic and Steel Thread Protectors

No matter which materials your various operations require, we manufacture thread protectors to meet your needs. The durable plastic and/or steel materials that we use to manufacture our products are made with this end-result in mind: we want your pipe threads to remain free of dirt, dust, pests, and environmental elements each time you apply our quality protectors. So, during transportation, storage, and handling, when you apply our protectors to your tubing equipment, you can trust that integrity is maintained.

Our plastics are durable and come in many types of designs based on your needs.  Some of the most popular lines include Ultra, MaXx, and Magnum thread protectors. When companies utilize only high-quality protection, they ensure premium connections, operational compliance, and heavy-duty protection.

At the same time, our metal and alloy product blends also provide guaranteed pipe thread protection. Learn more about Mega composites and steel-based drill pipe protectors from MSI. Top quality means you can reduce your risk of experiencing production delays and downtime, and keep operations running smoothly. Our protectors ultimately maintain your bottom line.

Reliable Protection During All Applications

Whether you’re transporting, storing, or handling your tubular goods, you can rely on thread protectors to maintain their integrity.  When tubulars are in transit, the risk of metal-to-metal contact is great. However, when you’ve applied pipe protection accessories such as bumper rings or pipe chocks to those loads, your equipment is stable and remains safe for transport.

Often times when operation sites are preparing to drill and/or excavate, they won’t need to utilize tubing equipment right away. As such, the pipe must sit safely in a storage area until it’s ready for use. Top-quality thread protection will ensure that the tubing remains free of contaminants and debris, as well as holds stable in place. Like pipe transport, threads can also suffer damage during a collision when they fall or collapse at the storage site.

Lastly, companies can rely on thread protector applications when they’re handling equipment. MSI’s protectors have a reputation for being able to protect your equipment in such cases. Moreover, we’ve made sure to provide easy product installation and dismantling features so that you have access to your equipment when you’re ready to use it.

Connecting with Quality Products & Service

The gas and oil industry continues to heavily rely on tubular equipment for successful operations. Likewise, they must also rely on thread protectors and other protective products to safeguard their bottom line. No company can afford the significant added costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged goods. Damages can cause serious repercussions in loss of time, money, and even life. This is why proper and proficient pipe protection is so crucial and necessary for any successful operation.

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we’re here to help protect your loads and tubing equipment with only the highest quality product offerings. Regardless of the climate and weather conditions, or your specific operation, we help you deliver. Discover more by browsing our products, requesting a quote, or contacting us directly for orders and information. Call 1-877-276-9208 today.

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