Why Companies Need Pipe Chocks


Damaged pipes are potentially hazardous and could result in significant financial setbacks for a company. Investing in pipe chocks and suitable handling systems ensures these valuable commodities arrive at the job site whole and intact.

Protect Your Investment with Pipe Chocks

Through this simple investment, oil and gas companies can avoid delays and the pitfalls of dangerous situations happening during transportation or at the job site.

In these harsh economic times, it is a wise decision to invest in pipe chocks. Industry safety is a vital part of any successful venture, and chocks provide a remarkable method for avoiding injuries and damages that result in lawsuits and downtime. For oil and gas companies, accidents can be quite expensive and can even bring about a complete halt in operations. As such, a preventative approach is required, and it all begins with the often-overlooked details.

Pipe Chocks are a Must

Oil and gas companies should not view a pipe chock as a luxury item. It is essentially a simple product that provides protection for pipes. It is easy to use, reliable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and safety of pipes while they are being transported from one place to another and while being stored.

For security and stabilization purposes, each pyramid-shaped chock is wedged between the pipes. They are then nailed intermittently throughout the load of pipes. They perform the vital role of limiting any type of movement or rollover that could result in the pipes falling from the trailer during transit. Tie-downs can also be used as an additional safety measure to secure the pipes.

A poorly secured load of pipes can easily shift because of backward and forward movements or if there is a sudden change in direction during transportation. This could result in damage or loss of property, severe injuries, and even death. When dealing with pipes with oil residue, chocks are especially essential to securing this type of load. When they are securely positioned, the risk of dislodgement during transportation is minimized considerably. Other significant benefits of using pipe chocks are that they are very affordable, and it takes only a few seconds for them to be applied and removed.

There are different types of pipe chocks that can be used to secure pipe loads. They include steel chocks and plastic chocks. Steel chocks are ideal for large or heavy loads as they have big holes designed to accommodate chains to secure the pipes. Plastic chocks have molded nail slots that are instrumental in securing the pipes, and they are made from melded HPDE.

Using pipe chocks is extremely vital when transporting and storing pipes. They keep the pipes stable, and line protectors can also be used to keep the pipes free from damage caused by dust, dirt, and pests during transit and storage. Companies within the oil and gas industry would be wise to invest in pipe chocks. Investing in these protective devices will go a far way in safeguarding lives and property. It is also a great way to avoid costly downtime.

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