Why We Love Bumper Rings


The right kind of protection is important to your inventory. And the small act of investing in pipe protection can go a long way in preserving oilfield equipment and operations. Even before end-users install equipment, adequate pipe protection is a vital part of maintaining the integrity of that equipment. Bumper rings, for example, provide superior protection by keeping pipes and their threads from sustaining damage during storage and transporting. At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we remain privileged to manufacture the reliable high-quality rings our customers have grown to love.

An Integral Part of Any Operation

Bumper rings remain crucial to the overall safety of oilfield and other industrial operations. Their sole function is to protect loose pipe and tubing from damage during the transportation or storage process. This is accomplished through each ring’s ability to keep OCTG stable. They prevent tumbling while also keeping pipes from colliding with each other and other parts.

When end-users properly load and stack pipe on a flat surface, apply bumper rings utilizing enough space to support them during transport, equipment will arrive on-site safe and sound. Also, as operators neatly organize and bundle their pipes with rings, it’s easier to count for inventory.

Overall, using rings can bring a direct benefit to your business and safety to your field operations, preventing pipe to pipe contact. Even a small nick in the pipe can cause corrosion. If the pipe is loosely stacked during transport, there’s also a possibility of contact rubbing, which can cause damage. Chrome or high alloy piping are most at risk for damage.

Bumper Rings Are a Worthwhile Investment

Experienced operators and end-users know how much of a worthwhile investment protective rings are. Their key function is to protect your inventory from damage. Although there’s a cost involved when purchasing pipe rings, that cost is minimal compared to the potential damage they prevent. That alone should encourage companies to factor in the cost of this product into any budget.

Minimizing Investment Damage with Bumper Rings

Protective rings create an impact-resistant gap between pipes to prevent contact or friction. Even during pipe handling, bumper rings can help minimize damage and risk to your company. This is especially the case for operations that adhere to standard API safety regulations and best practices.

Bumper rings come in various sizes and can support a tremendous amount of pressure. When piping suffers damage, the downtime and financial ramifications can be costly. Using rings as part of your operation ensures your equipment remains intact. Bumper Rings are extremely easy to install and remove due to their flexibility. Our rings are also 100% recyclable.

Other Protective Tools From MSI

Additional tools to minimize pipe damage include using products such as pipe chocks and thread protectors. Like rings, they also help minimize pipe damage, reducing losses and downtime for companies. Fortunately, we make our bumper rings from compounds such as EVA or polyethylene. These compounds cause our rings to function at optimal levels due to their tough, light, flexible resin base.

Only MSI, the standard leader in pipe protection products, offers guaranteed quality to every customer. For additional information on how protective rings can secure your operations and investments, contact one of our service experts today. Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-276-9208. Like other customers, you will come to love and appreciate using bumper rings, while we continue helping you deliver.

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