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Wire Mesh Coverings VS. Perforating Gun Protectors


Perforating gun technologies and operations have grown with the ever-burgeoning oil and gas industry. The complex process to ensure optimum well performance has led to the production of several varieties. This also includes the required protection tools. The two main tools that operators use to safeguard drilling pipes are wire mesh coverings and perforating gun protectors. Besides, both come with their own benefits.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between these two protectors is the coverage they provide. The mesh variety covers the drill strings and prevents the drill pipe from collisions and from damage. However, perforating gun protectors provide coverage for the entire thread connection of the pipe. This, along with the same level of protection as the wire mesh. Besides eliminating damage, this ensures that pipes are ready for use when needed.

Wire Mesh Coverings

Before innovative pipe thread protection, various drilling operators used metal mesh screens, depending on the type of operation. They have either single of several layers of woven wire mesh which offers a strong filter that maintains the integrity of the weld and provides stability. Additionally, these screens do not weaken during installation and do not deform the filter pore openings. The mesh screens are also known for distributing flow evenly and for reducing the risk of screen face plugging.

Perforating Gun Protectors

Threaded protectors are equally beneficial, but also more versatile due to their various design features and size applications. Many operators use them to protect the perforating gun thread connections and ends. Fortunately, this form of protection safeguards vital equipment from unknown risks which can otherwise end up in costly downtime. High-quality, durable protectors also help ensure that workers can meet their production goals as fast as possible.

And perhaps the most beneficial aspect is that these protectors fully engage the threads. This provides peace of mind to operators with an added assurance that the electrical charges will remain free of moisture for optimal performance. Overall, thread protectors ultimately help keep operations running efficiently and safely while also preventing costly delays.

An Assurance with Pipe Thread Protection

Both mesh coverings and thread protectors for perforating guns come with benefits that can suit different operations. However, the main advantages of using perforating gun protectors are the easy application and dismantling feature, as well as the various sizes that top manufacturers design them for. Overall, companies find pipe thread protectors well worth the investment. They provide the guaranteed assurance they need to see through a safe and successful operation.

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