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The 7 types of Thread Protectors MSI offers and Their Purposes

In the United States, the year-over-year increase in oil production is about 60%. This growth in production is met with an ever-expanding need for more, and better, pipe protection products. MSI’s heavy-duty thread protectors ensure that your materials are kept safe and secured.

Thankfully, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has plenty of various thread protectors that any company would be proud to have in their toolbox because of their reliability and durability. Here are the seven types of thread protectors we offer and their purposes in more detail.


MAGNUM thread protectors guard BTC, STC, and LTC thread connections against impact, corrosion, moisture, and dirt. This type of thread protector is 100% recyclable and available in non-liftable and liftable designs. MAGNUM thread protectors are considered to be an extra heavy-duty style of thread protection. They are ideal for long periods of storage and transportation purposes.


The MAXX thread protectors are designed to be highly durable and impact-resistant. In addition, these two properties are crucial for effective pipe protection. As the most robust extra heavy-duty protection for these connection types, the MAXX provides several features that ensure durability. These features include increased pad height and thickness, advanced plastic formulation, and specially designed diaphragms to absorb and disperse energy from impacts.

Designed to be fully API 5CT, Annex-I, and 9th ed compliant, MAXX thread protectors are rigorously tested for quality performance in all types of extreme weather, from -50 °F to +150 °F. They are entirely plastic and 100% recyclable after use.

The MAXX line of protectors is available in liftable and non-liftable options. MAXX’s liftable design features a closed-end, recessed cup to allow customers the option of a lifting feature in their protector, suiting their specific operational needs. Conversely, MAXX’s non-liftable design features an entirely closed end which houses installation and impact features but removes the option for lifting.

Whatever the operational and performance needs are for your MAXX protector, MSI can meet them.


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MEGA thread protectors are MSI’s most resilient option for extra heavy-duty protection. Mega is a composite style thread protector made of both steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), providing the ultimate level of protection for durability in storage and transportation. These threat protectors are manufactured by computer numerical control (CNC), which gives them the most precise fit possible for either your API or premium thread connections.


Our Tector line of thread protectors is available in a wide variety of configurations to suit numerous industrial application needs. This line features our standard-duty HDPE protectors in both closed-end and open-end designs, is equipped to protect your pipe against dirt, moisture, and corrosion, and provides essential impact protection. Tector is also available in standard API thread connections for tubing and casing.

Tector is recommended for short-term storage and is best for in-yard or domestic transportation where impact risk is lower. This fully plastic product is 100% recyclable.


 TECTOR PLUS is similar in nature to, but thicker than, the Tector line. This property makes it a popular solution within the Canadian market, where it has become the go-to for standard-duty thread protection.


The Titan protector is a smart choice for companies looking to protect their tubular assets with heavy-duty thread protectors. Available in both liftable and non-liftable designs, Titan safeguards API thread connections from tubing through casing.

The MSI Titan consistently remains one of the industry’s top choices for heavy-duty thread protection. As a heavy-duty thread protector, Titan guards thread from impacts commonly associated with domestic transportation methods and more substantial handling. Titan also offers the elemental protection widely associated with all of MSI’s product lines, safeguarding your threads from dirt, moisture, and corrosion.


Finally, MSI offers the Ultra, a fully plastic, fully Annex I complaint, extra heavy-duty closed-end protector ideal for premium thread connections. Like the Mega, Ultra is CNC cut for the most precise fit available, ensuring the preservation of your premium tubular connections.

ULTRA is Annex I compliant, is outstanding at handling extreme weather and conditions, and is backed by years of use and continued improvement.


There are many types of thread protectors at your disposal; engineered to fit each scenario’s challenges and needs. Whether your company needs to handle short-term or long-term storage harsh transportation, rough handling methods, or even extreme environmental conditions, MSI manufactures a thread protector for each application.  

When you work in the oil and gas industry, you need precise, high-quality, and reliable products that can stand the test of time. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is proud to be a top manufacturer and distributor of the precision pipe products you need! We take pride in protecting the tubulars that get handled on a daily basis.

While this guide covers many of our thread protector products and their purposes, our website showcases other methods of pipe protection, like our bumper rings, pipe chocks, and our RHINO Tubular Handling System ready to ship out and protect your pipes. 

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