What Industry Insiders Have to Say About Oil Country Tubular Goods


Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) refers to tubing, casing, and drill pipe used in the petroleum industry. While it can easily be overlooked, tubular protection plays a vital role in oil and gas, well and pipeline designs, and facilitating the safe and efficient transportation of oil and gas.

OCTGs are utilized for both onshore and offshore drilling. Given that oil can be a volatile substance if spilled, products such as pipe thread protectors are crucial components in the petroleum industry. Properly protected assets can save billions in profits and prevent accidents. Oil Country Tubular Goods

While there’s a wide range of OCTG protection products available on the market, industry insiders recommend MSI Pipe Protection Technologies.

Quality Assurance on Every Pipe Protector

According to the procurement intelligence company Beroe Inc., OCTG products are expected to reach $100.89 billion in the market by 2026. Given that the petroleum industry is still a significant source of energy, even as companies begin to implement more green energy alternatives, it’s clear that demand for casings, tubing,  and drill pipe will continue growing. As more oil companies expand, they’ll need to rely on high-quality pipe protection to retain strict safety standards.

What Makes OCTG Products High Quality

Industry insiders agree that some attributes crucial to the quality assurance of OCTG products include:

  • Being manufactured with material that can maximize strength, flexibility, and elasticity, especially because horizontal drilling has become the preference in the industry.
  • Threaded connectors that are as strong as pipes, meaning they are gas-tight and strain-resistant.
  • Pipes that can endure high torque, internal pressure, and axial tension.
  • Casings or outer tubes lining that safely fulfills the petroleum industry’s strict requirements.

MSI’s Testing Procedures for Oil Country Tubular Goods’ Accessories

MSI delivers quality assurance on every product and service they manufacture through their comprehensive performance standards. Every pipe protection product undergoes a rigorous testing criterion in compliance with standards like API 5CT and MIL-STD-810c. These tests include checking for corrosion, UV resistance and ensuring the product is within -50°F to 150°F.

Industry Insiders Trust MSI’s Pipe Protection Equipment for Their Oil Country Tubular Goods

When it comes to protecting your OCTG assets, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is helping you deliver. Having been fully ISO certified in quality management, health & safety, and environmental practices, customers can rest assured that MSI’s pipe protection products will meet all industry standards, safely and with outstanding quality.

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