What API Standards & Specifications Mean to Your Bottom Line


API standards and specifications are very important factors that can affect the success of your company operations. This is especially true if your company is engaged in the oil and gas production or drilling industries. As a matter of fact, API specifications refer to criteria for OCTG set by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

In this article, we’ll discuss the following issues:

  1. Who is API?
  2. What are API standards?
  3. Why you should buy from companies who adhere to API specifications and manufacture pipe protective products that meet these standards.
  4. What it all means to save your bottom line.

The Importance of API (American Petroleum Institute)

For those unfamiliar, API is a national trade association that represents every facet of the oil and gas industry. With their more than 600 large and integrated company memberships, they support production, exploration, pipeline, marine, and oil refining businesses. And for 100 years, API has been a standard-setting organization for companies by helping them enhance environmental and operational safety, sustainability, and efficiencies.

When a company becomes an API member, it’s a great achievement and honorable representation of industry leadership. Not only that, but membership also speaks volumes as it pertains to operations and product integrity, as well as to quality assurance for end-users.

What Are API Standards and Their Benefit to You?

As it stands, the American Petroleum Institute has established and currently regulates over 500 standards and recommended practices. All of their standards and specifications pertain to the overall industry’s consistent development and manufacturing of the highest quality products and services. Not only that, but API standards also help ensure fair marketplace practices for businesses and end-users. These standards help promote the further acceptance of products and quality standard practices worldwide.

So, how does this benefit your business and/or operation? API has established its standards to further enhance the safety of your operations and help keep those costs down. Furthermore, standards reduce waste, operations and policy confusion, and provide quality assurance. For example, the API 570 standard is a piping inspection code that covers in-service inspections, repairs, and ratings for all forms of tubular pipes. Overall, API standards have been designed to provide a guarantee of quality assurance and peace-of-mind from abiding companies that provide reliable products and services.

Is Your Oilfield Equipment API Compliant?

The only way to ensure that your OCTG and pipe protection products are in compliance with API standards is to purchase them from a certified manufacturer. An API compliant company and/or manufacturer will always provide you with a guarantee of quality products and services. As an API standard leader, companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies also adhere to the strictest of standards to assure quality.

For drilling and exploration operations, protecting drill pipe threads and all your oilfield equipment is essential to success and equipment preservation. Also, when you purchase compliant pipe protection products, you avoid costly complications, loss of time, and operational safety hazards.

The main reason why it’s important to purchase compliant pipe protective equipment is that API company members are industry leaders. In fact, companies like MSI support API in helping to make new policy decisions that affect the entire industry. Thus, when you purchase pipe protection products from MSI, you’ll know that they’ve helped set global industry standards. Furthermore, you have a guarantee that they make each product with safety, quality, reliability, and your peace-of-mind as top priorities.

When API Standards Are Important for Pipe Protection & Your Bottom Line

When using high-grade API compliant pipe thread protectors from MSI, you can rest assured that we’ve built them to last. Specifically, we designed our MaxX™ thread protector line to meet the strict guidelines of API 5ct, Annex-I, 10th edition.

Since our development of the MaxX line, other companies using premium thread connections desired to meet these same API standards. Thus, Ultra™ and Mega™ product lines were adapted to meet the same critical requirements.

Whether you require protection for an API thread connection or protection for your premium connections, MSI offers thread and pipe protection products to keep you conforming to the latest specifications. In the end, you’ll protect your bottom line when you purchase products and services from an API compliant company.

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