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Benefits of Investing in Pipe Protection

When you’re in business you’re always looking for ways to save money and protect your bottom line.  Yet, some expenses are essential because they work to protect your assets.  For those in the oil industry, pipe protection products are seen more and more as a necessary investment to protect the overall success of the business.

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Extending the Life of Pipe

Pipe is undoubtedly one of the biggest assets in the oil industry.  Protecting pipe is essential and that is the goal of pipe protection products such as drill pipe protectors, line pipe protectors, perforating gun protectors, and others. All of these options work to protect pipe as it is stored, moved, and positioned into place on the job site, effectively working to increase the life expectancy of the pipe and protecting the bottom line of the business.

Protecting People

Pipe protection products also protect people. In the oil industry people are also an asset because without highly qualified, trained, and dedicated employees, oil operations wouldn’t be able to stay in business.  While thread protectors help to protect the pipe itself, other forms of pipe protection help to protect people too, such as stabbing guides, lifting bails, pipe chocks, and even tubular handling systems. Implementing these protections helps to move and guide pipe in a more controlled manner, which keeps all assets, people and pipe, safer.

Safe Travels

This is an often-overlooked issue with handling pipe in any industry.  For new job sites to perform drilling operations, pipe must be transported.  While drill pipe is heavy-duty, stress fractures can happen during transport, damaging the pipe and rendering it useless or dangerous to use.  The use of tubular handling systems and other products can help to mitigate the risk of damaging pipe.

Working to Ensure Job Completion

Because pipe protection products work to keep people safe while handling pipe and to keep pipe safe while being transported and handled, it effectively helps to keep job sites running smoothly. When assets are protected and pipe is in working order, jobs can be completed on time.  This benefits the bottom line of the business, again making pipe protection products well worth the investment.

MSI Wants to Help You Protect Your Assets

Ready to start investing in protecting your assets?  Pipe protection products come in many different sizes and shapes.  Not sure where to start?  With more than 40 years in the industry, we would be happy to discuss your particular needs or you can take a look at our catalog.  Have questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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