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MSI Thread Protection Products

In the oil industry access to your assets is important.  Most businesses in the industry find that two of their most important assets are drill pipe and their employees. Therefore, most businesses invest in asset protection such as safety training and drill pipe thread protectors, among others. When safety processes are followed and pipe is protected, jobs can be completed on time and budget. Thread protectors are always a great investment and one of the most popular in the MSI Pipe Protection product offerings.

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Why MSI Thread Protectors?

First and foremost, MSI is a trusted brand with more than 40 years of experience delivering the highest quality pipe protection products.  MSI Pipe Protection is proud not only to serve our clients here at home in the United States, but also in Mexico, Canada, Scotland, and beyond.  Our offering of pipe protection products is the most extensive in the market, continually meeting and exceeding the needs of our clientele around the world.

MSI Thread Protection Products

MSI is proud to offer a wide variety of thread protection options.  This ensures that every client has access to the products they need when they need them.  All thread protectors are new ensuring that each product is as effective as the next.

Our thread protection catalog includes but may not be limited to:

Within our catalog of thread protectors, we have many popular products. Our most popular include but may not be limited to:

  • Magnum™ thread protectors offer extra heavy-duty protection
  • MaxX™ thread protectors are ideal you need to meet specific API requirements
  • Mega™ thread protectors are a great fit when resin compound thread protectors are necessary
  • Tector™ thread protectors are ideal when you have environmental considerations for your pipe
  • Tector Plus™ thread protectors are just as robust as Tector but will fulfill the needs of our Canadian clientele
  • Titan™ thread protectors are a great fit when you have transportation or weather-related protection concerns
  • Ultra™ thread protectors are a perfect choice when you need specific protection. This product features CNC machined threads so you have an exact fit for your threads

As you can see, MSI Pipe Protection offers a wide variety of thread protection products.  There is something for every pipe and every need.

MSI Wants to Help You Protect Your Assets

MSI is committed to helping all businesses protect their assets. We believe when pipe is protected so are people and job sites.  Not sure what level of protection you need?  Contact us today and we would be glad to talk with you about your pipe to help you determine your needs and get you started.  Or, you can download a brochure and look at our entire line of pipe protection products.

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