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Even after revising their forecasts for 2020, the EIA expects global liquid fuel demand to grow in the coming year. New well completions will continue to increase the industry’s daily yield, with the latest numbers suggesting an average production increase of 1 million b/d during 2020. As the EIA expects oil prices to trend downward in the first half of the year, it’ll be up to operators to ensure they increase their efficiencies and prevent costly production stoppages.

To achieve your production goals, protecting your drill pipe investments will be critical for success. With drill pipe protectors from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, you can ensure the integrity of your drill strings and other downhole equipment.

Quality thread protectors from MSI

The Benefits of Drill Pipe Protection Solutions

For drill strings, using pipe and thread protection can increase safety, reduce wear, and prevent failures in the downhole. As drill pipes operate under extreme environmental conditions, maintaining the integrity of the threaded and coupled connections will improve operational safety. It will also ensure wells operate more reliably and extend the production uptimes of rigs.

Heavy Duty Drill Pipe Protectors

When operating rigs in extreme environmental conditions, maintaining the integrity of every section’s thread can be challenging. MSI provides heavy-duty, full steel, or High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) thread protectors. All MSI’s steel protector models have precision cut CNC thread profiles, guaranteeing a secure fit and maximum protection.

For ease of use, MSI stamps every thread form and fitting size permanently on the protector. With both pin and box thread protectors and different connection types, MSI can help to maintain your drill string investments during every stage of the production lifecycles.

Characteristics of MSI’s heavy-duty thread protectors:

  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications
  • Both steel and HDPE models available
  • Lift models to help with handling drill pipes at the rig or storage facility
  • Designed for easy installation and removal

Light Duty Protectors from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies

Rigs that operate in less harsh environments can still benefit from thread protectors for their drill pipes. MSI manufactures light duty thread protectors from HDPE plastics that help to maintain all pipe sections during transport and storage. These affordable protectors also come in open and closed ends, making them perfect for any oil and gas field application.

Some of the characteristics of light-duty drill pipe protection are as follows:

  • Support for all common API standard connection types
  • Ensures complete coverage of the thread profiles
  • All products are 100% recyclable
  • Ideal for short-term storage and in-yard transport

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies as Your Drill Pipe Protection Specialists

Keeping wells productive and operational will require operators to ensure they invest in the highest quality of thread protectors. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has manufactured innovative protection products for more than 40 years. For operators that need custom solutions, MSI will work with engineers and designers to deliver the necessary sizes and profiles required.

To discuss your drill pipe protector requirements, contact MSI today.

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