Five Ways to Protect Pipe and Threads in the Oilfield


Maintaining efficient operations during oil and gas production requires staff to have access to reliable equipment. A failure in any section of the pipeline or ancillary devices can lead to well collapse, costly repairs, and extended downtimes. Operators need to protect pipe threads, ensure the integrity of casing tubes, and reduce the effects of corrosion on line pipes.

Protect Pipe and Maintain the Integrity of Oilfield Operations

As supply and demand curves in the oil and gas sectors balanced out during the last year, keeping wells productive in the future will be essential. To improve the yield of operational wells and ensure the efficient completion of new rigs, producers need to protect their Oil Field Tubular Goods (OCTG) at all times.

1.     Robust Thread Protectors

Thread protection prevents critical connections between sections of equipment from failing during operations. For the best results, each protector should match the exact dimensions of the threaded equipment it intends to protect. Any deformity of the thread on the equipment can lead to a failed connection, requiring workovers.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies produces a variety of solutions to protect pipe threads. Whether staff is drilling a new well or inspecting the downhole equipment of existing rigs, it’s vital they use robust thread protectors fit for purpose.

2.     Line Pipe Protection

Line Pipes also require protection from the elements and shock damage. If any portion of a section suffers corrosion damage, it may result in a leak that will reduce the yield. With line pipe protectors from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, operators can increase the lifespan of their pipes.

MSI’s line pipe protectors come in a variety of sizes to protect the pipe ends. They are easy to use, support both beveled or plain-ends, and come in various non-lift or lift designs.

3.     Handling Systems

To reduce the negative effects of corrosion on all types of pipe, tubing, and casing, drill teams need rigid storage and handling systems. A load or bundle collapse doesn’t just damage expensive OCTG, it also presents a major safety risk to staff.

With Rhino™ Tubular Handling Systems from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, operators can protect their equipment during storage and transport.

4.     Pipe Chocks and Bumper Rings

To improve stability and to maintain separation of pipes at all times, MSI provides pipe chocks and bumper rings. Preventing friction and contact between sections of pipes will ensure operators do not compromise the integrity of their OCTG.

Pipe chocks keep bails and pipe sections securely in place when at rest or in transport. Molded from durable resins, MSI’s pipe chocks helps teams to maintain operational safety at the site or in the storage yard.

5.     Protect Pipe With Other Tools From MSI Pipe Protection Technologies

To improve operational safety and to help ensure the integrity of OCTG by protecting pipe threads, connect with an MSI service expert today. And for immediate assistance and information, give us a quick call toll-free at 1-877-276-9208.

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