Finding Custom Pipe Protection When You Need It


The production of pipe, along with pipe transport, takes preparation, time, effort, and capital. It would be unfortunate if all that work went to waste due to a lack of investing in the proper protection needed to keep pipe intact and fully functioning when you need them to. It is extremely important that investments in pipe are protected during transportation, storage, and use. Fortunately, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers a great line of custom pipe protection products that will do just that!

Bumper Rings

We’ve designed bumper rings to protect chrome and high alloy types of pipes. These are relatively easy to install and remove. Most professionals use them to prevent pipes from touching each other during processing, storage, and transportation. The material does not cover the entire pipe; however, bumper rings do a wonderful job of preventing friction and keeping the thread intact.

Pipe Chocks

Another type of protective gear is the basic pipe chock, which makes itself essentially helpful during processing, storage, and shipping. Since pipe is cylinder shaped, it can roll easily. Pipe chocks, which are wedge shaped, block movement and prevent pipes from rolling and/or falling, reducing the risk of harm to the pipe or the handler. This is the reason that pipe chocks are coveted additions for any business that deals with or handles pipe. The chocks are made out of HDPE resin that is very strong, durable, and effective. The custom pipe protection design can also come with nail slots to easily keep the chock and pipe securely in place.

Drill Pipe Protection

Pipe protectors are the real deal when it comes to complete thread protection. There are three basic choices designed to match the type of material required to meet your particular needs. One material is the lightweight plastic, which is protective, but also keeps weight low. However, lightweight plastic protectors don’t last very long. The heavy-duty plastic is more resilient, and therefore strong enough to resist most impacts, and can last a very long time. The third material, which is an all-steel thread protector, can resist the strongest shocks. An all-metal protector is a perfect choice for pipes that are subjective to drilling in extreme weather conditions.

Custom Pipe Protection

Consumers should also be aware of the specialized type of pipe protection that can be found in custom thread protectors. As an industry leader, MSI has years of professional experience in helping companies understand their true needs when it comes to protecting their investments. In addition to designing a custom protector to meet the needs of their customers, they also use only the highest quality of commodity resins, engineering-grade thermoplastics, and polymer alloys. All of these are especially suitable for meeting particular needs and providing various options for consumers to choose from.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers a wide variety of high quality pipe protection products, and consumers can rely on us when it comes to finding custom pipe protection when they need it. Be sure to ask about our products and services, or shop online today!

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

Trust MSI to deliver quality pipe protection all day, every day. Call or email us to find out more.

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