Finding Unique Custom Pipe Protection


As always, the risk is inherent in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, mitigating issues surrounding the fabrication, storage, and transport of equipment remains a priority at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. For oil and gas applications that require unique protection, MSI helps determine the best design for your application. As an NOV Tuboscope company, we also consistently help customers deliver protected pipe all day, every day.

Custom Pipe Protection Solutions

Protecting pipe and thread integrity is an important concern for oil and gas producers. A compromised pipe or thread connection can halt operations and lead to costly repairs, possibly even damaging the well. For instance, there is a variety of standardized equipment that operators utilize in the industry. However, sometimes environmental or operational constraints require special and made-to-order protection components.

For cases where standard pipe protectors are not suitable, MSI will work with customers to develop the required components according to the exact specifications. As standard practice, we manufacture according to ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality Standards and API 5CT, Annex I, 10th edition specifications.

Common Types of Pipe and Thread Protection Equipment

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies also provides a well-known assortment of OCTG pipe and thread protection equipment. Our line includes accessories and racks that operators can use for handling and storage.

MaxX Thread Protectors

MSI’s MaxX thread protectors comply with the most current API standards and are available in both liftable and non-liftable options. With rib and stiffener elements included and durable pads and diaphragms, the MaxX range of thread protectors is the highest quality in the industry for API thread connections.

Ultra Thread Protectors

The Ultra range of thread protectors is CNC precision threaded. This provides an exact fit for any type of premium thread. Ultra thread protectors are also available in liftable and non-liftable options. Each protector is cut from a heavy-duty plastic blank, ensuring the precise engagement of each thread and durability of every protector.

Mega Thread Protectors

Mega combines both durable plastic and steel for extreme impact resistance. The composite thread protector uses a proprietary blend of resin for corrosion protection while a steel shell is designed to withstand any serious impacts. The Mega range is ideal for long-term thread protection requirements where harsh or abrasive transportation methods may be a factor.

Tector Thread Protectors

As an economical option, Tector thread protectors provide the best protection results at an optimal price. The Tector range is ideal for short-term storage and handling within the yard and comes in a variety of API standard sizes. The primary job of this product is to protect thread connections from outer elements and minimal impact.

Magnum Thread Protectors

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the Magnum range of thread protectors offers high durability for harsh environmental conditions. For the situations where robust thread protection is required, Magnum is a great option.

Sucker Rod Cap Protection

Sucker rod caps provide pipe protection for the rod pin ends during shipping and processing and allow for easy removal on site. In addition to being easy to use, they undergo reasonable impacts without cracking due to the design and durable material used.

MSI Custom Pipe and Thread Protection Solutions

When standard API connections are not what you need, the team at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is ready to design your custom thread and pipe protection solution. Whether you require heavy-duty products for harsh environments or non-standard sizes, connect with us and we can provide you with the right solution that best serves your project’s requirements.

For any special requirements, contact MSI today to discuss your unique needs and specialized requests. Call us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208 for immediate assistance.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

Browse our online catalog, call, or email us for more information.

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