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Getting the Right Handle on Tubular Handling Systems

For several years, OCTGs or oil country tubular goods have followed US API specifications on steel grades, connector types, and pipe diameters. However, recent changes in location and methods have led to the increasing usage of custom OCTGs in high-risk applications. These modern technologies often utilize equipment with tighter tolerances than those found in conventional OCTGs. Changes in specifications require adaptation of material handling methods. Learn how MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ Rhino™ tubular handling systems protect your company’s investment and worker74 safety.

Rhino Allows for Rapid Deployment While Maintaining a Safe Workplace

While drill pipe still comes from the manufacturer in bulk bundles, they must be split into portable, safe lots that better suit the needs of an individual drilling operation. While rapid deployment is important, it must be balanced with the real danger of dealing with these cumbersome, heavy items in frequently changing weather patterns. With tubular handling systems, striking that balance is easy, and companies find it easier to get things done while keeping workers and equipment safe.

Customized, Adaptable Solutions for Changing Oilfield Requirements

Over the years, multiple tubular pipe handling racks and frames have been customized to work with certain sizes of oil country tubular goods. These pipe handling frames are designed to lock pipe into solid bundles that are safe to transport, and yet easy to access once they arrive on the job-site. As non-standard OCTGs come into use, tubular handling frames must change to conform to the pipe stock’s dimensions. Because much of this material is in the developmental stage, it’s not wise to count on tubular handling frames built in faraway places. With Rhino™ tubular handling systems from MSI, decentralized manufacturing allows for quick changes to product specifications.

Working in Standard & Metric Applications Globally

While MSI’s US Rhino system is focused on North America’s oilfield operations, the UK facility serves as the operational base for the North Sea’s development efforts. It also provides a substantial amount of equipment to exploration sites in Europe and the Arctic Ocean. As more operations take place in nations following the metric standard, oilfield operators need a greater level of site-specific flexibility.

Rather than sending specifications to faraway industrial bases, and waiting for them to make it to the oilfields in the form of new products, the UK’s Rhino systems are built close to the center of the European gas and oil industries. Requirements are transmitted much faster, prototypes are created quicker, and a full production run can be created with a speed unmatched by other providers.

Rely on MSI for the Highest Quality in Pipe Handling & Protection

Regardless of the part of the world in which a gas or oilfield operation is taking place, or which type of drilling rig is used, Rhino™ tubular handling systems are the perfect option when operators need to get drilling pipe in the ground quickly and safely. For additional information on these systems and product, call MSI toll free at 877-276-9208, or conveniently request a FREE quote from us online!

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