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magnetic stabbing guide

Stabbing Guides Not for Turkeys

Stabbing guides help oil field workers to align sections of tubing, drill pipe, and casings for male/female connections. These guides can be used when stringing new pipelines or adding replacement sections. These tools are essential to the energy industry, as they facilitate easier stabbing and protect pipe threads from damage. Stabbing guides enhance workers’ ability to stay safe and remain in control when putting pipe sections together. When the right guides are used, job completion times are reduced. Read on to learn more about oil field tubing guides.

Connections Matter

Where gas and oil pipeline connections are concerned, adequate isn’t good enough. Poorly connected and inconsistently aligned sections can create several potentially serious issues within pipeline systems. Poor alignment can increase the risk of damage to threaded surfaces, which can lead to expensive, extensive repairs and lengthy periods of downtime. In some cases, connections can fail completely if they’re note paired and aligned correctly. To ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards and to get the right level of performance from oilfield equipment, workers should always use the right stabbing guides to make connections.

What Makes a Good Stabbing Guide?

Every stabbing guide has a shell and a collar. The shell reduces the shock that occurs when metal hits metal, preventing damage to seal surfaces, boxes, and pin threads. The highest quality stabbing guides have polyurethane shells because of the durability and low maintenance requirements of the material. Collars are typically simple spring-loaded latches that allow workers to open, remove, and place guides manually. Stainless steel collars are suggested for applications involving salt water exposure, and they’re typically adjustable enough to work with a variety of connections and casing sizes.

Use the Right Guides to Prevent Damage and Maintain Safety

The surest way to prevent thread and pipe damage and minimize the risk of connection failure is to use the right stabbing guides. When oil and gas drillers make the right choice during the stabbing guide selection process, they can ensure a secure connection and precise alignment for each pipe section. At MSI, we draw on our years of industry experience to provide customers with the best products and equipment for their sensitive operations.

Count on MSI for the Highest-Quality Guides

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers a variety of stabbing guides for use in the gas and oil drilling industries. Our guides are made from lightweight aluminum, which reduces weight without sacrificing durability and strength. MSI’s heavy-duty tubing guides come with adjustable latch cams and they’re available in a variety of sizes. We also offer rubber guides that are specifically designed for use with oilfield tubing and other oil country tubular goods.

Contact Us Today

Stabbing guides are an essential part of the natural gas and oil drilling industries. Although they’re not the most exciting part, they can create serious problems in the event of a failure. To learn more about all our top-line products, freely browse products online, contact us by phone at 877-276-9208, or request a quote today.

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