MSI Delivers Value Amid Challenging Times


MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been serving the needs of the energy sector for over three decades, establishing its leadership through vision and innovation. Oil drillers know that they can depend on the brand, which is why the company’s products can be found in various rigs around the world.

The industry may be facing several challenges today, but the company remains undaunted. MSI is committed to facing these head-on through strategic moves that aim to strengthen its position in the global market. Customers and partners can look forward to a bright future with even more ground-breaking solutions coming out of its factories.

The Challenges We Now Face

Plunging oil prices are causing agitation in the industry. There is an abundance of supply and not enough demand to use them up. Many wonder when the slide will end so that things can stabilize at a good level once again. Others are worried about finding new places where they can get more oil. Some of the promising locations are difficult to reach, and are surrounded by harsh environments.

There is no doubt that everyone is feeling the strain. Operating a business under these circumstances is difficult but it is not impossible. Managers have to get creative as they look for solutions that meet their requirements while keeping expenses reasonable. Meanwhile, MSI is taking proactive steps towards a secure future. The company is continuing to invest in technologies that will allow oil players to operate more efficiently and then help achieve greater profits.

Investments in Equipment

MSI prides itself with having advanced manufacturing capabilities but, like all companies with foresight, it is not about to rest on its laurels. More machines are being added every year to enhance capacity when making oil country tubular goods. Examples of new acquisitions include state-of-the-art energy efficient injection presses.

There are now more robotics and automated systems that cover the majority of the presses. These have resulted in quality and reliability improvements, as well as savings when it comes to labor costs. The company has also developed multi-cavity molds that are capable of creating as much as 16 parts for every cycle. The cost reduction directly benefits customers who enjoy lower prices.

Investments in Site Footprint

Aside from equipment acquisition, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been focusing on building better infrastructure to enhance its ability to provide the needs of customers. The world headquarters in Houston features 136,000 square feet of space dedicated to manufacturing, warehousing, and office facilities. Other sites in Canada, Mexico, and Mexico also contribute to the overall goals.

There has been a complete refurbishment of previous molding activities. Now everything is housed in a center that has an expanded CNC threading plant. The company has become part of an elite few in the thread protector manufacturing sector that has product molding and threading capabilities in the same site. This allows MSI to become more efficient and give better service to customers.

Final Words

In the midst of an oil price slump, industry players are looking for ways to stretch their budget without compromising output. MSI has responded by bringing innovative products to the market while continuously investing to help reduce costs. As company president John Boben said, “MSI Pipe Protection Technologies remains committed to its customers and will do whatever is necessary to provide excellent support.” Read More.

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