MSI Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Basics


Oil Country Tubular Goods 

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), tested under specific guidelines for specific application relevancy, are a series of products including drill pipe, casing and tubing that are seamless.  

Drill Pipe

Drill pipe turns the drill bit. This, in turn, spreads the drilling fluid throughout the drill heavy seamless tube which is actually the drill pipe itself.

Drill pipe has to be dependably strong as it must concurrently endure the high torque of the drilling as well as internally mounting pressure as it expels the drilling fluid. And, it must withstand the axial tension induced by its own dead weight while alternating deflecting loads from non-vertical or other drilling which may be place over the basic loading patterns.

Casing Pipe

Casing pipe lines the well, often referred to as a borehole. Casing pipe is also subject to axial tension brought about by its own dead weight as well as internal pressure of fluid being purged. Additionally, the OCTG product must hold its own against the external pressure of surrounding rock formations.


Tubing is a certain type of pipe that transports the oil or gas from the well or borehole.

Essential OCTG Characteristics

Essential OCTG characteristics include the resistance of corrosion under unfavorable conditions.

Oil Country Tubular Goods manufacturing procedures associated with the high-strength seamless pipe strong enough to be called OCTG does not allow the conventional thermomechanical methods of manufacturing used to make welded pipe. OCTG manufacturing utilizes a specific technique to increase the strength of the final product.

Greater Oil Country Tubular Goods strength is achieved by the supplementation of not-so-widely used elements into the manufacturing process. This supplementation process, known as alloying, in combination with appropriate heat treatments and also improves the OCTG product’s corrosion resistance.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is the OCTG Industry Leader

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies meets the increasing OTCG global demand consistently through its successful manufacturing from compliance to quality and production to delivery.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers the most comprehensive range of pipe and pipe protection products globally.

OCTG materials, carefully and strategically chosen, include a range from polymer alloys to engineering-grade thermoplastics and even proprietary resins.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is the Oil Country Tubular Goods industry leader

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