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MSI Pipe Protection Keeps Your Supply Chain Moving

When you can’t manufacture and store your products in-house, your business has to deal with the frustrations and challenges of a disrupted, global supply chain. But what’s causing these issues? 

One main challenge is that unpredictable product shortages from the pandemic are causing delivery delays. Last year, over 60% of manufacturers said they dealt with supplier delays, the highest of any other industry sector. The result was delivery times at record highs with relief not coming for several more months. 

Another impact of the shortages is increasing costs. And with the majority of the world’s shipping happening at sea, global events like the Ukraine war have continued to push costs even higher. In fact, transoceanic shipping costs increased seven-fold after March 2020, while bulk commodities had even higher prices.

How can businesses avoid these types of global supply chain issues?

How to Keep Your Supply Chain Moving with MSI Pipe Protection 

One way is to turn to a company like MSI Pipe Protection as we manufacture all our thread and pipe protection products in-house here in the United States. With branches in Houston, TX, Mexico, and Canada. MSI can ship items to you quickly no matter where you’re located. 3.2 million quality MSI and NOV parts are stored in our warehouse with a capacity of 11,000 pallets, so we can package and ship out whatever quantity you need right away.  

Our Injection molding and CNC equipment are among the most advanced in our industry. We use a wide range of materials, including proprietary resins as well as steels of various types. A complete range of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), drill pipe, and line pipe applications is available, including high-performance API thread protection, premium thread protection, and custom thread protection. All of our products are made to meet API requirements as well as the highest quality, reliability, and functionality.

And because of our in-house management, we produce these quality products without waiting on third-party suppliers. You won’t be stuck waiting on shipment delays with MSI.

Supply chain issues shouldn’t slow you down,

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