Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies


The oil drilling industry requires suppliers of quality oil drilling equipment to have the ability for rapid product expansion

Clients who require the best quality oil country tubular goods (OCTG) also want proper business practices when it comes to such things as quick and efficient deliveries.  Additionally, the oil well clients also want competitive pricing of oil country tubular goods including oil drilling equipment and other supplies.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ OCTG pipe and pipe protection products include a range of well control and drilling equipment:

  • Casing pipe
  • Drill pipe
  • Pipe protection products
  • Thread protectors
  • Tubing

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, the global leader in the manufacturing and supplying of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) takes heed of what the gas and oil industry standards are as well as what the needs and concerns of customers and the community are concerning meeting the demand for quality oil country tubular goods that will not risk an oil well disaster that could cost both human lives and profits. In the midst of the demanding and profitable oil well drilling business, there exists the MSI Pipe Protection Technologies focus on keeping the drilling as safe and sound as possible.

Steel casing and well tubing suppliers

The requirements for successful world class oil well drilling includes top quality OCTG products as well as casing and tubing specialists who understand the unique requirements for either land based or offshore drilling.  For instance, companies that offer oil well supplies must have licenses that are approved by either the American Petroleum Institute or host country authorities that can grant these special licenses.  Also, there are quality control guidelines for all pipes that are used in oil wells, states guidance from the American Petroleum Institute. And, rapid product expansion | demand creates the need for a very responsive and capable manufacturer. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies continually meets the demand for timeliness and quality.

Overall, today’s international oil well drilling industry relies on oil country tubular goods such as drill pipe, tubing and casing to get oil moving and then to production for commercial use. The industry has also grown increasingly dependent on MSI Pipe Protection Technologies for quality OCTG or oil country tubular goods.

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