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MSI’s Role in Perforating Gun Thread Protection


Did you know that MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers custom thread protection for perforating gun equipment? We also have the capacity to ensure your needs are met when it comes to protecting perforating guns and downhole drilling equipment for both standard and non-standard applications. Operating companies can always rely on our pipe and thread protection brand. In fact, our customer base has come to trust us over the years as their industry leader in pipe protection.

Perforating Gun Thread Protection

MSI remains committed to providing only the best in quality assurance and service excellence. We understand that perforating guns have several components which need to remain intact to ensure a successful perforation. That’s why we proudly offer you high-quality protection in the widest range of commonly-used thread connections in the perforating industry. If we do not offer an application solution within our current range of products, our design experts will work with you to develop one.

Important Product Information & Specifications

At MSI, we manufacture common and customized threaded connections for hollow carriers and wireline subs. This includes top, tandem, and bottom subs. Companies can currently obtain perforating gun protection ranging from 1 11/16” – 7” OD for this product line. Furthermore, we have plans to expand the range. Our perforating gun thread protectors also come in a standard black color for cost reduction. However, customers can request customized colors as well on special orders.

We know that complete coverage of the threaded area is important to you, and we’re happy to ensure that you receive complete protection for your investments. As an experienced manufacturer, we’ve also made perforation gun thread protection options available for both internal and external threads. Furthermore, we offer O-ring options, and most of our product line styles can accommodate installation equipment.

Meeting Your Needs & Helping You Deliver

When it comes to perforating a well, we know that the success of every phase of completion is crucial. Consequently, it has a huge impact on the future performance of the well, just like most other gas and oil operations. As such, companies must maintain the integrity of their operations by maintaining the threaded connections of their equipment and components.

Speak with an MSI product service expert today. Simply call us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208, or browse our custom thread protection options for more information.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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