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Why Protect Pipe Thread?


picture of pipe thread protectors

Pipe thread protection is a critical component to oil & gas drilling, water well industries, and mining. At MSI, we design thread protectors to mask and protect screw threads. They protect these screw threads against damage from corrosion, contaminants, and anything else that might damage them.  Operators can use thread protectors on stainless steel tubing, drill pipes, gas cylinders, oil field equipment, and much more.

Screw threads are generally pretty sensitive to damage. Therefore, it’s important that you protect them when they’re in transport or storage. Some threaded components must be kept protected from dust and moisture so a pipe thread protector is the best way to do that.

MSI’s Pipe Thread Protection

If you’re looking for top-quality protection for your oil country tubular goods, look no further than MSI. We are here to help you find the right kind of thread protection for all your OCTG. Contact us online, or by phone at 877-276-9208. We’re always here to help.

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

Trust MSI to deliver quality pipe protection all day, every day. Call or email us to find out more.

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