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Why Recycled Pipe Protection Is Not Ideal

Pipe protection products are a great investment in your business. In the oil industry, pipe is an asset. Without pipe in pristine condition, projects can be delayed or canceled altogether. As such, ensuring that pipe can be safely stored, transported, and used is worth investing in. Not only are there many different pipe protection products, but you can buy new and recycled parts. While recycling is generally seen as a positive initiative, when it comes to protecting your pipe, new protection products are always best.

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Quality Control Is Imperative to Pipe Protection

When you are investing in pipe protection, quality control is an important consideration.  Like any product you rely on, you need to know that it is carefully made and inspected.  When you purchase pipe protection, you also want to know that each part is as reliable as the next.  The only way to have quality control is to ensure that each part is made according to the same standards and processes.  Only when each element of protection offers the same level of quality will your pipe be protected completely.  Because performance can be affected after pipe protection products are used, new products are always recommended.

Protection History is Important

If you have shopped around for pipe protection, you may have noticed that you can purchase recycled parts from suppliers who recycle their products.  The claim is often that the parts were checked and passed all quality control inspections when they were manufactured, so they are safe to continue to use again and again.  While this may be the case, the real issue is that you do not know that each recycled part is now able to perform to the same standard as it was before. What if there are micro-fractures in one part that cannot be seen?  These unknowns and the history of each part is a liability.

MSI Offers the Highest Level of Quality

While it can be tempting to save money and invest in more affordable but recycled pipe protection, it is simply not wise.  Because pipe is one of your biggest assets, it makes sense to purchase protection that has the quality control you need. Preserving and extending the life of valuable assets is key to providing sound products and services efficiently and safely.  Safety, efficiency, and maintained value are important in these industries, and pipe protection is essential to a reliable operation. MSI is proud to provide the latest innovative technologies in pipe protection that have been tested for maximum results.  Contact us or download a copy of our new catalog today!

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