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Your Custom Pipe Protection Options


Companies constantly make investments in drill pipe and tubular goods equipment for various types of operations. In fact, economists project that the global drill pipe market will grow at nearly 3.5% CAGR between the forecast period of 2018 and 2023.1 At the same time, they also invest wisely in the proper transporting of such valuable equipment. And when it’s all said and done, they want their investments to remain intact and ready to use when they need it.

Whether they utilize standard equipment or customized tools in the field, the goods must maintain their integrity and remain free from damage.  However, without the right pipe protection products and applications, the risk of losing those investments increases substantially. Likewise, most experienced companies understand the importance of also investing in quality pipe protection, and will invest in pipe protection products as needed.

Fortunately, at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies we provide only the highest quality standard and custom pipe protection products to our clients. Companies can use our products during transport, storage, and/or handling, depending on their application needs. As such, this is how we guarantee quality assurance and help you deliver all day, every day. Discover how our pipe protection products do just that!

Custom Protection

As an industry leader, MSI’s decades of professional experience helps companies understand their true needs when it comes to protecting their investments. Not only can we design a custom protector that meets your exact operational needs, but as a standard, we also utilize only the highest quality materials including top brand resins, polymer alloys, and engineering-grade thermoplastics. Our proprietary blends are especially suitable for meeting particular protection needs in areas of impact, UV, corrosion, and many more. MSI’s line of custom protectors can be tailored to your connection and your specific protection needs.

Drill Pipe & Thread Protection

When it comes to complete thread protection for your drill pipe, quality drill pipe protectors are absolutely essential. At MSI, we offer 3 styles of drill pipe protectors to suit most needs. As our most affordable option, we offer light-duty plastic protectors. Many of our customers recognize this style as the most economical, due to its thinner plastic makeup. However, it’s also capable of providing basic protection against impact and environmental elements. Heavy-duty plastic protectors are the most commonly used drill pipe protectors and are typically the best option for most customers. They are strong enough to resist strong impacts and are built to last with your pipe. Lastly, all-metal protectors are great for protecting equipment under extreme environmental conditions where impact is a major concern. Whatever your drill pipe protection needs are, we have an option to suit your requirements. 

Protective Storage & Handling Accessories

Bumper Rings

In addition to our expansive line of thread protectors, pipe chocks, lifting bails, and heavy-duty bumper rings are just a few pipe protection products that we also offer to suit particular protection needs. Bumper rings, for example, have a protective design suitable for chrome and high alloy pipes. They’re easy to install and remove when you need to access your equipment. Customers also often see them as a relatively affordable and protective accessory. Operators primarily use them to prevent equipment from colliding against each other during processing, storage, and transportation. Overall, bumper ring applications effectively prevent friction and keep your pipe intact.

Pipe Chocks

Likewise, a pipe chock can offer large amounts of protective benefits within a small device. Offered in several sizes, pipe chocks are wedged pieces that effectively hold pipe loads stable during transport and storage. At MSI, we make our chocks from durable HDPE resins and design them with nail slots. This helps keep valuable loads securely in place. Their triangular shape helps to ensure that the pipe has a stopping point, which means your pipe stays in place. This, in turn, greatly reduces the risk of harm to your equipment or your handlers. For this reason, most companies select pipe chocks as a necessity for helping them handle pipe.

Heavy-Duty Lifting Bails

Lifting bails are another pipe protection product that can help keep your investments safe. Manufactures design lifting bails in both male and female threaded ends to individually lift drill pipe, drill collars, and bottom hole assembly components. Where lifting is concerned, you will want to use only the most thoroughly tested lifting bails on the market. In fact, our lifting bails are tested according to multiple ASTM specifications and API thread connection standards. Moreover, our newly design lifting bails are the most robust on the market and perform at a minimum 3x safe working load (SWL).

Consider Pipe Protection for Your Operations

If you haven’t done so already, now may be the ideal time to consider adding pipe and thread protection products to your inventory. With MSI’s wide range of high-quality products and accessories, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Our passion is to provide what you need when you need it so that we can help you deliver all day, every day. Connect with one of our experts today at 877-276-9208. You may also browse our full line of products or request an online quote.

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