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Global Boom for Thermoformed Plastics Predicted

A new report by BCC Research, a marketing research company out of Massachusetts that specializes in science and technology, predicts that consumption of thermoformed plastics is set to grow at an amazing rate. The short of it is: an estimated 7.3 billion pounds of thermoformed plastics was consumed in 2013, with 7.6 billion estimated for

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CNG natural gas vehicle technology

A Look At Natural Gas Vehicle Technology

The United States has more natural gas than any other country on earth. More than half of US households use natural gas to power their homes and appliances. So why are there not more vehicles powered my natural gas? It would make sense that we would look to the cleaneast and most abundent energy source

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Shale Gas Projected To Support Nearly 1 Million Jobs By 2015

According to, a recent study completed by IHS Global found that by 2015 shale gas will support around 870,000 jobs in the United States. That’s a huge contributor to the economy and a sign that energy production has a bright future in America. The report focused on the growth in investment in oil and

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World Pipe Thread Protectors

What exactly is OCTG??

OCTG (oil country tubular goods) refers to a collection of rolled metal products, more commonly known as pipes, and the various accessories included in their manufacture and processes. This can include drill, casing or tubing pipes, thread protectors, stabbing guides, bumper rings and pipe chocks.

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